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I Miss You Revolver…

Saturday, November 18th, 2006

Hey gang

Things here in Fl. are pretty cool, but theres something missing: REVOLVER. Just talked to Rob and he told me about the new schedule. Great to hear you guys are still kicking ass. It also made me think of moments I loved in Revolver and led me to this: Fav. moments in Revolver History! One of mine is Farrell chasing down someone in a cartoonish style just t opay them back 5 dolalrs. Tell me one of your fav. Revolver moments!

At the Movies: We saw Borat

Friday, November 10th, 2006

So the other week a good portion of Revolver went and saw Borat (on opening day, no less, and it was packed), and we all had a good time together, and I think universally at least found some moments to laugh at during the whole thing.

Being a guy that has a problem watching the Flintstones or the Jeffersons because I don’t like set-ups where a protagonist is obviously doing something wrong and will inevitably get a come-uppance for it, I’m not the best candidate for enjoying discomfort comedy. So I was a step behind — as well as never having watched the TV show, so I wasn’t already in the fan crowd.

But there was a lot I did find funny, and a lot I did laugh out loud about — but I think I was in the minority of us that felt kind of “eh” about the movie. It doesn’t really get my recommendation, although I don’t say avoid it … and you’ll probably find it very funny, most people seem to.

To me, it wasn’t much different from an extended Candid Camera bit … or I guess Punk’d to try to put it in a more recent context, just with a nastier edge and targets that represented distinct population segments.

And, really, some stuff made me sad enough to not be able to really find it that funny. In that, the opinions of the dupes being expressed were exactly what you might expect from a stereotype, and that made it feel like some of the ugly, horrible things being said weren’t just some idiot caught letting something slip. It felt more like “there are a lot of people that really think these things”, and that’s not really funny — it’s horrifying. So it exposes something important, I guess, but it really robs me of any ability to laugh.

And here’s something that came out today about some of the people that said some really appalling things.

So, I guess maybe I’m overthinking or being a stick-in-the-mud, but I had a lot of different problems with just purely enjoying the movie. Which maybe is the point?

See You Later, Not Goodbye, Mike Carr

Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

Well, we came to the bittersweet point of Mike Carr’s last show before he moved along to Florida to be the brains behind an animated Monster. I’m sure it’ll be great, and it’s an opportunity he can’t pass up, but we are going to miss him a ton.

A great guy, really a pro, and pretty much everything you want in a teammate. It’s interesting to me — he deserved a show like last night’s where everyone sort of honored him whether he was leaving or not. Guys like Mike Carr we should make a regular effort to celebrate, not just because they are leaving.

But, he is, for now … but hopefully not from our little digital world here. So here’s to Mike Carr and his continued internet presence.

[Hi Jill!]

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