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Hot Winter Nights of Mike Carr

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

We’re lucky enough to be getting a winter visit from Florida-located Mike Carr this week … he’s playing with Revolver again before Felt at iO on Wednesday (rad!), but if one night isn’t enough, he’s also (I think) going to be playing with Our Feature Presentation in the Movie tonight at iO (super rad!). Mike put in a ton of work on that latter show too and then moved to Florida about a week before it went up. So it’s his debut …


Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

So it sounds as though we’re talking about taking some trips this year — at least, I know we’ve been talking about festivals and trips and all that stuff lately. Hopefully we’ll be visiting NC in April and I know those of us that went to LA last year really want to make a return visit.

Most of my “festival” experiences have been more CSz — or National Comedy Theater after the schism — short form tournament-style excursions. Or the trips back home to NC. But I have a ton of well-loved memories from those.

I’ll probably be thinking about them and will try to add a few nuggets here and there as I recall stories … anybody else have any road stories begging to be shared?