Subscription Department


About Subscribing to revolver journal:
Manage your e-mail subscription to revolver journal here. If you opt to subscribe you will receive a confirmation e-mail with an activation link for your subscription (similarly, if you choose to unsubscribe you will need to confirm the unsubscription). After your subscription is confirmed, you’ll receive an e-mail every time new content is posted to the journal … which could be a lot of e-mails if we wind up having a productive day, so be forewarned. If you’re interested enough to subscribe, though, thanks! That’s awfully nice of you.

Alternatively, you can Register as a revolver journal user, which will automatically subscribe you to e-mails and give you a revolver journal id. Right now that doesn’t mean anything extra or different, but as the journal evolves, registered users may have advanced privileges over those with a basic subscription.