When I was still living in North Carolina, about once or twice a year, I would wind up going to elementary schools and doing some improv with the guys from ComedySportz/ComedyWorx for the kids. Sometimes as a “congratulations 5th graders, you’re graduating”, sometimes as a replacement for parents for a “what’s your parent’s job?”, and once to pretend to be an expert on Transportation called Mr. Frank. I told the kids I was in charge of making sure that Coca-Cola got their soda across the country on the right trains. I think/hope that wasn’t long-term harmful to any of them. I tried to answer questions accurately, aside from the inherent mistruth in the premise.

After one of these trips, we got some thank-you notes from a group of first graders. One of them read, along with a crayon picture of something or other, “Thanks for the hot ifomaction”.

Which I thought was beautiful. So, now, I just wind up writing out “information” as “ifomaction” — it just amuses me, and makes me really happy. It’s like information in action.

So, please, enjoy all of Revolver’s Hot Ifomaction.

– Jorin