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The Boy Who Couldn't Die (01/02/2007)

released: Jan 02, 2007

description: A small town bustles as people go about their business, children play, and one young boy sits alone. The boy, Morris, goes to the school where the teacher prepares for the day. He seems content to sit in the classroom by himself. The schoolteacher quickly becomes uncomfortable with Morris' creepy behavior, though, and rightfully so - the boy soon turns on the teacher with the power of his mind and throws her body from the top of the school. The rest of the town bursts into flames and chaos reigns. Meanhwhile, at home, Morris's parents Carol and Carter discuss the terrible accident in town that resulted in the deaths of 450 people. They soon realize that their son's fingerprints are all over this terrible act and that they will have to move -- again. Privately, Morris reveals a dark half to his personality that forces him to kill. As they travel by train to their new home in Colorado, Carol and Carter witness their son have an eerie encounter with an attendant, who promptly excuses herself to fling herself from the train. Morris' parents hope for better in the open learning environment of Morris' new school, where they are greeted by the gregarious Principal Gillespie. The principal leads them to Mr. Laddel's classroom, Morris immediately makes the acquaintance of Lois. The two hit it off, and for the first time, Morris isn't inclined to kill as readily as he once was. Upon returning home, however, he is confronted by his parents. He turns on them and murders both in one fell swoop. Morris goes to the lake to confront himself in private, but meets Principal Gillespie along the way. Once again, Morris' power is out of his control, and when Principal Gillespie returns to his apartment, he is attacked by his own possessions. Unnerved, Morris goes to Lois' house and confesses his dark deeds to her, even going so far as to demonstrate his power on the mailman. This all causes a split within Morris and the dark half of his personality emerges in physical form to fight him. Good Morris triumphs, but as soon as the fight is over, he rapidly ages. After making Lois promise not to forget him, he dies. Three years from that day, Lois is giving birth in the hospital. As the baby emerges, it makes eye contact with the doctor, killing him immediately, and we see that Morris' legacy may live on after all.

cast & crew:

Directed by . . . Jason Chin
Carol . . . Kristen Studard
Carter . . . Sean Kelley
Delivery Room Doctor . . . Sean Kelley
Lois . . . Kristen Studard
Mailman . . . Sean Kelley
Morris . . . Rob White
Mr. Laddel . . . Sean Kelley
Principal Renaud Gillespie . . . Jorin Garguilo
Schoolteacher . . . Mel Evans
Student #1 . . . Mel Evans
Student #2 . . . Amy Verdon
Train Attendant . . . Amy Verdon


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  • The music played as the baby is being born is ''Lullaby'' from the horror classic ''Rosemary's Baby.'' (the song was also used to great effect in Four Chambers, a Halloween show that many of the OFP cast was in.)

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