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My Dog's Kibble Went Sour (12/14/2007)

released: Dec 14, 2007

description: Billy and Thomas ride their bikes out to an abandoned shack to throw baseballs through the windows. Billy stops when he hears a noise from inside he talks Thomas into investigating, and they discover a dog under a pile of rags. Billy convinces Thomas to take the dog home, and so they put the dog (whose tags say "Bartholomew") in the basket of Billy's bike and ride off to Thomas's house.

Bartholomew and Billy become fast friends, much to Thomas's dismay. Billy is forced, however, to keep Bartholomew at Thomas's house due to the strict and eccentric rules of his father. Thomas's father notices his son's unhappiness and gives him a paternal heart-to-heart about friends. Thomas resigns himself to the dog as Billy leaves and Bartholomew makes himself comfortable in Thomas's bed.

Meanwhile, the nefarious Malice O'Toole drives his enormous car out to his secret hiding place with his lady, Abigail Floozie. He intends to check on his dog, who keeps one of his most important possessions on his collar keys to the safety deposit box which holds millions of dollars in drugs. However, he finds only a pile of baseballs instead. Malice O'Toole finds a town's little league stamped onto the baseball, and swears that some Little Leaguers will be sorry they took his dog.

Billy, tucked in by his tyrannical artist father, dreams of escaping with Bartholomew. He wakes and goes immediately to Thomas's house. In his absence, his father discovers dog hairs on his sheets, and sets off after his son.

Malice O'Toole and Abigail Floozie pull up to the Little League field to find the dog. When Malice does not receive immediate answers, he opens fire on the young ball players. Mr. Fields finally tells him that two boys came to the high school with a dog yesterday, but Little Mario, Mr. Fields' Chihuahua still pays the price.

Thomas confronts Billy about the status of their friendship when they are suddenly interrupted by Malice and Abigail barging into the Griffin home in search of the dog. The boys and the dog manage to escape, with Malice in hot pursuit. The boys and Bartholomew eventually make their way to Corporal Griffin's place of work the army base. Corporal Griffin takes them in immediately, and when told the situation, sees the opportunity he has been waiting for. He shepherds the group into the closest tank.

Malice and Abigail meet the tank as it pulls out of the garage. Although faced with the huge vehicle against his car and guns, Malice does not falter he shows them Billy's father, who he has taken hostage. Corporal Griffin quickly devises a plan and has the boys escape through the back while he holds off Malice. The boys do, and take off in a stolen Volvo. As they do, Thomas realizes that he cares just as much about Bartholomew as Billy does, and that he doesn't have to lose Billy in order to gain Bartholomew.

Malice O'Toole figures this out, however, and sets off after them. Corporal Griffin frees Billy's father and they follow. The boys find themselves soon trapped again by Malice O'Toole, and as they get out of the car to give themselves up, the two fathers run up to their aid. A fight ensues, and finally, standing on his hind legs, Bartholomew takes up Malice's gun and shoots his former master.

Time passes, and the Little League field has been rebuilt, possibly by the money from Malice's security box investments. As proud parents watch from the stands, Billy, Thomas, and Bartholomew celebrate a victory with a high five.

cast & crew:

Directed by . . . Jason Chin
Abigail Floozie . . . Amy Verdon
Barry Bonds . . . Jorin Garguilo
Bartholomew . . . Sean Kelley
Billy . . . Adal Rifai
Billy's Dad . . . Sean Kelley
Billy's Mom . . . Colleen Breen
Corporal Fred Griffin . . . Jorin Garguilo
Dan Marino . . . Rob White
Katherine . . . Kristen Studard
Little League Kid #1 . . . Colleen Breen
Little League Kid #2 . . . Mel Evans
Little Mario . . . Rob White
Malice O'Toole . . . Michael Johnson
Marcy Griffin . . . Mel Evans
Mr. Fields . . . Roger Payton
Thomas Griffin . . . Rob White


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