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The Blue Ham of Brooklyn (10/09/2007)

released: Oct 09, 2007

description: As Bobby unpacks the meat delivery for Tony's Butcher Shop, he notices noises coming from a crate marked "Live Pigs." Inside the crate, he finds one live piglet surrounded by his dead brothers. Bobby brings the piglet into Tony, who has him shut the piglet up in the back and begin work on the lunch rush.

In the apartment just above the butcher shop, eccentric Reginald McGowen ushers Jessica St. Clair in for her violin lesson. In the third floor apartment, Mary Ann berates Sylvester for drinking all the gin and never emerging from the bathtub.

Tony returns to the butcher shop after hours to retrieve a forgotten item and finds the night cleaning person at work -- and one less slab of meat in the freezer. Although he is suspicious, he leaves the shop. The cleaning person, however, does not make it out, as he is viciously attacked and eaten by the piglet after freeing him from his crate.

The next morning, Tony and Bobby find the shop spotless, and all but one of the slabs of meat gone. Tony tries to compensate with potato salad during the lunch rush. Bobby brings a customer interested in some Kobe beef to the back to fill out additional forms for preordering. When Bobby returns to the front to resume lunch rush service, the Kobe beef customer also falls prey to the piglet.

In the second floor apartment, Jessica St. Clair dreads practicing her violin, and Mr. McGowen forces her to strike herself for expressing such a thought. The piglet sees this from the shadows, and immediately smitten with Jessica, he rushes out and murders Mr. McGowen. Overcome at his chivalry, Jessica thanks the pig, and they find that they can understand each other despite their difference in species. The two rush out to escape Tony and Bobby, who have found the remains of the Kobe beef customer.

Tony runs up to the third floor apartment, where Mary Ann has just put a ham in the oven. As Tony questions her, the piglet and Jessica watch through the skylight. The piglet's anger grows with each mention of ham until, upon Tony's exit, he bursts through the skylight and consumes first Sylvester and then his wife.

Tony and Bobby continue their search, and on the street, the piglet and Jessica are approached by a police officer who orders Jessica to stop holding a pig in public. The piglet attacks the officer, and Jessica wonders when his blood lust will be stopped.

The two pairs finally meet in a pitch black stairwell of the building. The piglet quickly takes out Bobby, and Tony and the piglet face off. As they spar, a cleaver thrown by Tony misses and instead splits the head of Jessica. Enraged, the piglet turns on Tony, and when it appears that Tony is about to be the final victim, Bobby throws a cleaver that instantly kills the piglet.

Tony and Bobby, battered and bruised but still alive, hang the two bodies in the shops' freezer, and go back out front to resume the lunch rush.

cast & crew:

Directed by . . . Jason Chin
Bobby . . . Michael Johnson
Janitor . . . Sean Kelley
Jessica St. Clair . . . Mel Evans
Kobe Beef Customer . . . Sean Kelley
Mary Ann . . . Amy Verdon
Officer Winters . . . Rob White
Pig . . . Roger Payton
Pork Chop Customer . . . Colleen Breen
Reginald McGowen . . . Rob White
Salad Customer . . . Jorin Garguilo
Sylvester . . . Roger Payton
Tony . . . Kristen Studard


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