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My Vagina, My Ocean (10/05/2007)

released: Oct 05, 2007

description: Polly wakes from a shockingly vivid dream in which a woman stands trapped in a room, looking out a window as a sea of red billows in around her. Polly confesses to her husband Larry that she had another dream with the woman. Larry tells her to calm down and enjoy her birthday. They attend Carmen that night, and Polly is terrified to see the woman from her dreams appear on stage unbeknownst to the singers. Polly goes to the ladies' room to collect herself, and as she exits, the woman stalks out behind her. The woman strangles a waiter and enters his body. With the body as her puppet, the woman attempts to serve Polly and Larry suspicious champagne. Polly is uncomfortable by the forceful encouragement to drink, and she and Larry rush out of the opera.

At the local university, Dr. Lastrow of the Dream Studies department discusses a paper on dream manifestations in physical reality with a grad student. Susan believes that a severe enough tragedy can engage enough energy to force the dream visions into the physical realm. She just wishes she had a test subject to prove her research.

As this discussion takes place, Polly lays asleep. The woman emerges from Polly's body, and draws a sword from her womanly regions. As the sea of blood and creatures begins to flow into the room, Polly wakes. Larry enters, notes her distress and recent disinterest in him, and demands to know what he can do to fix the problem. Polly evades the true topic.

Polly goes to the doctor to see if there is a physical reason for the dream. Dr. Evans can find nothing out of the ordinary, and when she mentions her dreams, recommends she visit a colleague of his instead. She meets immediately with Professor Lastrow and Susan. As Polly describes the woman and the dreams, Professor Lastrow clutches his chest and falls to the ground. Polly blames the woman, and Susan tells Polly to try to control the woman. Polly cannot, and Professor Lastrow dies.

As the two women watch the ambulance pull away, Polly asks Susan for help. Larry approaches, and Polly explains to him that she might need to go away for a while for her own good. Larry is confused, and as Polly tries to clear things up as best she can, the woman appears behind him. Polly orders him to run and she and Susan run the opposite way. Polly sobs that she wants this to be fixed, and Susan takes her to the sleep lab.

There, Susan and Jasper, the lab technician, hook Polly up to various devices to track her brain waves during the sleep. Almost immediately, the devices go out of control as the woman emerges from Polly. Jasper falls victim to her, and Susan is forced to shoot adrenaline directly into Polly's heart. Dr. Evans enters and orders everyone out. As they attempt to convince him everything is under control, the woman wraps herself around Dr. Evans and kills him. The sea of red rushes in, overtaking everything.

Polly and Susan run to the only safe place they can think of - the bomb shelter. As Susan closes the hatch, however, she is swept out of the shelter into the sea. Polly is left to face the chaos alone. However, she spends the night in the bomb shelter in strange company, as three manifestations of her father emerge from her. They explain that her father was seduced by a succubus, and therefore Polly is half demon.

Polly climbs from the bomb shelter to see the devastation of the campus - and Larry waving from the costume shop across the street. The woman is once again behind Larry, and Polly orders him to run as she finally faces off with the woman. Polly asks what the woman wants, and she finally confesses that she is Polly's succubus mother. Polly takes a stand and refuses to allow her mother to terrorize her any further, and the succubus breaks into thousands of beads of red.

Years later, Polly and Larry are celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary in Paris. Polly informs Larry that she is pregnant. As the fetus floats in the sea of red in her womb, it turns so its face can be seen - and it is the face of the succubus.

cast & crew:

Directed by . . . Jason Chin
Dr. Evans . . . Michael Johnson
Father #1 . . . Michael Johnson
Father #2 . . . Roger Payton
Father #3 . . . Sean Kelley
Jasper . . . Jorin Garguilo
Jim . . . Roger Payton
Jim . . . Sean Kelley
Larry . . . Rob White
Opera Singer #1 . . . Roger Payton
Opera Singer #2 . . . Sean Kelley
Patient #1 . . . Amy Verdon
Patient #2 . . . Roger Payton
Polly . . . Kristen Studard
Professor Lastrow . . . Sean Kelley
Student #1 . . . Amy Verdon
Student #2 . . . Jorin Garguilo
Student #3 . . . Mel Evans
Student #4 . . . Michael Johnson
Student #5 . . . Roger Payton
Student #6 . . . Sean Kelley
Susan . . . Mel Evans
Woman/Succubus . . . Colleen Breen


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