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Death to Santa (12/12/2006)

released: Dec 12, 2006

description: The movie opens with an animated sequence set at the North Pole, where jolly elves and reindeer are preparing for Christmas. Suddenly, a missile drops and destroys the entire Christmas village, creating mass carnage. The camera pulls out and we see that these are actually the drawings of Timmy O'Leary. Timmy's father enters his son's room and expresses concern - it seems Timmy has been suffering from night terrors and hearing sinister voices. At school, Gary and Chuck talk about the holiday party they are having down at Santa's Village when Timmy finds them. They invite him to come along but he is hesitant. The two boys convince him that he cannot miss all the debauchery, and he finally agrees. However, at home, his father forbids him to go. Timmy tries to fight, but is distracted by a menacing voice taunting, ''Ho ho ho.'' The room grows hazy around Timmy and he blacks out. The next day, Chuck and Gary are waiting to set off in a Volkswagen van with Linda, who begs them to not tell her parents that she is with them. They are soon joined by Helga and Stevina, the vaguely Eastern European exchange students. Timmy runs in, and, despite his father's warnings, jumps into the van. The kids set off for Santa's Village. As they drive, it becomes clear the signs have fallen and the kids are actually headed to Satan's Village. They arrive at a scene unlike what they remember from their childhoods but decide to explore anyway. As they set up in Satan's Workshop, an elf comes and warns them of impending doom. They ignore this and go on with their plans. Outside, however, the elf is promptly murdered by an unseen villain. Meanwhile, Timmy grows unnerved by the continued presence of the voices and excuses himself to go outside. Chuck and Gary set about getting the girls drunk. Helga complains the beer is making her warm, so Chuck suggests they go for a walk. As the two exchange students and Chuck wander around Satan's Village, they beg to hear about his gym class victories and recommend they massage him so he can be at his athletic peak. In the midst of this massage, the three are suddenly killed by candy canes and Christmas lights. Meanwhile, Timmy wanders around the woods, haunted by the ''Ho ho ho''s - and memories of visiting his father's grave. Inside Satan's Workshop, Gary is putting the moves on Linda when two poles fly through the window, into his eyes, and out the back of his head. Timmy runs back into the workshop at the sound of Linda's screams. They take Gary out to the van and attempt to drive to safety, but find the van's engine has died. They do, however, discover a gun Gary has in the van for hunting quail. They are further terrified by Chuck's corpse falling onto the windshield, followed shortly thereafter by the corpses of Helga and Stevina. As the kids struggle to find another means of escape, a harpoon strikes through the middle of Gary's chest. Linda and Timmy try to run, but Timmy finds himself face to face with Santa - who is in fact his father. Terrified, Timmy shoots him, but the bullet is absorbed by his jolly belly and he moves to attack. As he does, Linda asks who Timmy is shooting - she can't see anything. Through a series of flashbacks it is revealed that it was actually Timmy who committed all the murders. As realization dawns for Linda, she tries to reason with him and then tries to run, but Timmy is determined to take her out as well. The two struggle, and finally, Linda gets a hold of the gun. She shoots him and he falls dead. As light comes up over Satan's village, the police and EMTs have arrived. Linda asks that Timmy be buried next to his father. The emergency crews assure her that they will and wish her a merry Christmas. As the movie ends, unbeknownst to everyone else, Timmy's eyes open.

cast & crew:

Directed by . . . Tabitha Parker
Chuck . . . Rob White
EMT #1 . . . Amy Verdon
EMT #2 . . . Mel Evans
Gary . . . Sean Kelley
Helga . . . Amy Verdon
Linda . . . Kristen Studard
Mr. O'Leary . . . Michael Johnson
Police Officer #1 . . . Rob White
Police Officer #2 . . . Colleen Breen
Santa . . . Michael Johnson
Satan's Elf . . . Colleen Breen
Stevina . . . Mel Evans
Timmy O'Leary . . . Jorin Garguilo


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