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Zombies from the Deep (09/18/2007)

released: Sep 18, 2007

description: In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, an oil rig's drill breaks as it enters a cave carved with ancient runes. On board the rig, the crew begins to go into code green, and Harriet Myers is torn from a phone call with her son to survey the scene. She sends two of the crew out to retrieve the drill, has the rest of the riggers get things under control on the boat, and tries to keep socialite Cynthia Exxon out of the way in the chaos. Though anxious to see what is going on, Cynthia remains in her quarters. This is an unfortunate choice, as Cynthia is soon attacked by zombies and joins the ranks of the undead.

The two riggers sent to recover the drill also fall victim to a zombie attack, and two other boats are sent out. By the time Myers calls for the fourth boat to attempt to retrieve the drill, there are no volunteers. Meanwhile, John Q. Exxon has called Harriet Myers and told her that she and her crew cannot return without a full tanker of oil.

Zombies overtake Cookie in the galley, and begin to consume the remaining riggers. Harriet Myers finally figures out what is happening when she encounters Cynthia in the ladies' room. The stalls all burst open, and Myers finds herself surrounded by zombies. She races through the ship to the deck where she finds Dan and Steve. The men have spoken to the oldest rigger on the boat, Old Man Lloyd Majors, who has told them this has happened before. They have struck The Island of the Damned, and now they are paying the price.

Zombies flood onto the deck, and the three run to the safety of a tiny closet. Dan is pulled out and devoured by the zombies, and Myers and Steve use the distraction to sneak away. Myers is interrupted by a call from John Q. Exxon who informs her they have sent her on a fool's mission he needed to make a sacrifice to the Island in order to keep his success. He further informs her she'd better not think of returning without the oil, as he has her son captive.

Myers and Steve struggle to keep their wits about them in the face of zombies and evil oil tycoons. Myers realizes that the ship used to be a whaling vessel, and thus all the old equipment is still on it. She and Steve make use of the harpoons and some M80's to get safely into the last lifeboat. They see John Q. Exxon's steam rigger in the distance and make their way towards it.

On the steam rigger, John Q. Exxon has gathered the evil board members of his company and is preparing to sacrifice Charlie Myers. Harriet Myers and Steve arrive before any damage is done, and Harriet singlehandedly takes out the entire executive board. John Q. Exxon then fires two guns simultaneously one at Harriet Myers and one at her son. Steve dives in front and takes the bullet meant to Harriet; the bullet meant for Charlie hits the lock on his cage. John Q. Exxon is defeated, and his wife Cynthia pops up to consume his remains. Harriet Myers begs Steve to hold on, as a rescue team shows up and begins their work.

cast & crew:

Directed by . . . Jason Chin
Ashonda . . . Colleen Breen
Brenda . . . Mel Evans
Carl . . . Michael Johnson
Charlie Myers . . . Sean Kelley
Cookie . . . Jorin Garguilo
Cynthia Exxon . . . Amy Verdon
Dan . . . Michael Johnson
Exxon Executive Board Cult Member #1 . . . Amy Verdon
Exxon Executive Board Cult Member #2 . . . Colleen Breen
Exxon Executive Board Cult Member #3 . . . Jorin Garguilo
Exxon Executive Board Cult Member #4 . . . Mel Evans
Exxon Executive Board Cult Member #5 . . . Michael Johnson
Exxon Executive Board Cult Member #6 . . . Rob White
Exxon Executive Board Cult Member #7 . . . Roger Payton
Harriet Myers . . . Kristen Studard
Harry . . . Sean Kelley
John Q. Exxon . . . Sean Kelley
Old Man Lloyd Majors . . . Sean Kelley
Rescue Squad #1 . . . Colleen Breen
Rescue Squad #2 . . . Michael Johnson
Rigger #1 . . . Amy Verdon
Rigger #2 . . . Colleen Breen
Rigger #3 . . . Jorin Garguilo
Rigger #4 . . . Michael Johnson
Rigger #5 . . . Mel Evans
Rigger #6 . . . Roger Payton
Steve . . . Rob White
Zombie #1 . . . Amy Verdon
Zombie #2 . . . Colleen Breen
Zombie #3 . . . Jorin Garguilo
Zombie #4 . . . Mel Evans
Zombie #5 . . . Michael Johnson
Zombie #6 . . . Roger Payton
Zombie #7 . . . Sean Kelley
Zombie Pug . . . Roger Payton


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