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When Communism Attacks (08/24/2007)

released: Aug 24, 2007

description: Far above the earth, dozens of mysterious red flying saucers take out American satellites. The director Jerry and his beautiful ladies of NASA notice this, and speculate as to what could have possibly happened. Jerry realizes the enormity of the problem immediately, and has Samantha call the president to warn him, as unbeknownst to NASA, the flying saucers are landing and destroying American landmarks. The president meets an explosive end mid-phone call. The director and the lovely ladies race to NASA's protected underground area.

Meanwhile, the Space Communists reek havoc around America under the leadership of Space Stalin. Space Stalin is informed by his henchmen that NASA is completely deserted, and he orders his Cyborg Red Guard out to destroy the survivors. The Red Guard finds NASA empty, and searches the country for the director and his gorgeous scientists. The cyborgs destroy the secret headquarter, but the foursome manage to escape unscathed.

Josephine wants to make sure her family is all right before they go any further, despite the protests of the others. They find Josephine's house in the same wreckage as the rest of the nation with no hope of any survivors. Josephine is devastated, and Samantha and Carla comfort her, telling her that they are her family now.

The NASA team lands in Washington D.C., where they are immediately noticed by Leitzig, who calls in to Space Stalin. The Communist attempts to fool them with a poisoned piece of cake, but it only results in the sudden severe shrinking of the director. Samantha puts him in her pocket.

They are approached by a survivor of the attacks, who appeals to Josephine's maternal instincts. Another survivor joins them and asks for help. Samantha and Carla believe it to be a trick and ask Josephine to think logically, but she pulls a gun on them and refuses to let them hurt the two survivors. As the lovely ladies argue, the survivors reveal themselves to be Leitzig and Natasha, Space Stalin's henchmen. A fight ensues and Jerry is thrown from Samantha's pocket. Ultimately, Josephine slits Natasha's throat to protect her friends.

Leitzig leads the three women to the White House, which Space Stalin has taken over and refashioned into the Red House. Space Stalin surrounds the three glamorous women of NASA with his Cyborg Red Guard and puts them in a makeshift cage. The situation looks bleak for the ladies, when suddenly Jerry rushes in on the back of Stuart the mouse. He attacks Space Stalin, and defeats him by removing his power source his mustache. Without a leader, the Cyborg Red Guard destroy themselves in confusion.

The women recover Jerry, who tells them that they will all get married and rebuild the country together. Soon after, the America is much recovered, thanks to its new president Jerry.

cast & crew:

Directed by . . . Jason Chin
Carla . . . Amy Verdon
Cyborg Red Guard #1 . . . Amy Verdon
Cyborg Red Guard #2 . . . Colleen Breen
Cyborg Red Guard #3 . . . Jorin Garguilo
Cyborg Red Guard #4 . . . Kristen Studard
Cyborg Red Guard #5 . . . Mel Evans
Cyborg Red Guard #6 . . . Rob White
Cyborg Red Guard #7 . . . Sean Kelley
Hippie . . . Jorin Garguilo
Jerry . . . Sean Kelley
Josephine . . . Colleen Breen
Leitzig . . . Sean Kelley
Natasha . . . Mel Evans
President . . . Rob White
Samantha . . . Kristen Studard
Space Stalin . . . Jorin Garguilo
Stuart . . . Rob White


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