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Hanukkah in Acapulco (12/05/2006)

released: Dec 05, 2006

description: The camera travels across the waves of the ocean and up a cliff, where we see a man standing proudly at the top, holding a menorah over his head. Unafraid, the man dives from the cliff into the ocean. The scene cuts to an island bar where Lisa, Sophie, and Chandi sit on the first night of Hanukkah. Lisa and Sophie are miserable - they want to be back home where its cold and both figure they will be perpetually single for Hanukkah. Chandi tries to look on the bright side and tells them this Hanukkah, they will find men. The action switches so that we then meet David and Elijah, who are exchanging gifts, Biblical stories, and tales of woe from their love lives. Sheb enters and joins in their pity party - it seems his wife died some time ago. The three island natives decide they will find themselves ladies for the Festival of Lights. Back in their hotel room, the three girls plan to attend that evenings Second Night Luau. Once Chandi talks them into wearing clothing appropriate for a tropical climate and they confirm that no pork is being roasted at this luau, they scope out the scene. They soon discover some prime targets, namely Elijah, David, and Sheb. Chandi invites herself to sit at Shebs table and he promptly tells her his wife is dead and he is unemployed. Despite this, the two connect and spend the evening talking, oblivious of all the people having terrible nights around them. The next morning finds the pair in the girls hotel room while Lisa and Sophie stand outside, scandalized. They finally decide to just knock, and Chandi hides Sheb in the bathroom. Lisa and Sophie enter and tell Chandi they came for Lisas medication. Chandi volunteers to get it from the bathroom, and she and Sheb resume canoodling while Lisa and Sophie resume their misery. Meanwhile, at Davids restaurant, Elijah serves Mr. Lieberman, a film producer, when David remembers that he has a gift for Mr. Lieberman. It is a pendant - a heart shape with an empty center. Sheb rushes then into the restaurant and declares to the other men that he has found himself a girl - and shes one of the Chosen people. The others are all impressed. Later, at the hotel, Shebs wife appears and demands to know where he is. The clerk points her towards the three girls room. She knocks on Chandis door. Inside, Sheb and Chandi assume it is Lisa and Sophie again, so Sheb hides in the bathroom once more, and Chandi opens the door only to be greeted with the woman claiming to be Shebs wife. The women argue, and finally, Sheb emerges and confesses that yes, he is married to this woman. At the bar, Lisa and Sophie sit, bemoaning their own loveless existence, when Chandi enters in a rage. She informs her friends that she has been two-timed, and as such, they are returning immediately home for the last night of Hanukkah. Meanwhile, Sheb stands on the cliff overlooking the water. Elijah and David appear. Sheb tells them what happened with his actually-living wife, and Elijah and David try to dispense wisdom through stories of the Bible. It is finally a call from Mr. Lieberman that gets through to Sheb, though. The older man tells Sheb that he saw a girl on her way to the airport and Sheb knows what he has to do - he doesnt want Shebs heart to end up like his pendant. Elijah and David offer him a ride to the airport. Sheb tells them hell meet them at the bottom and dives into the ocean. The three girls, meanwhile, sit on the plane waiting for takeoff. They are soon informed that the plane is delayed because of a soaking wet man meeting Shebs description standing on the tarmac. Chandi rushes out to meet him. He confesses that he never told her his wife was alive because he was ashamed of what he was. Chandi in turn confesses that she loves what he is. Sheb further tells her that he has just inherited seventeen million dollars from a dead uncle, and he is sure that will change how she feels about him. Chandi assures him it is not a problem. The movie ends with a mitzvah as Sheb steps on the glass at their wedding.

Journey, ''Don't Stop Believin'''
''Imperial March''

cast & crew:

Directed by . . . Jason Chin
Bartender #1 . . . Michael Johnson
Bartender #2 . . . Jorin Garguilo
Chandi . . . Mel Evans
Co-pilot . . . Jorin Garguilo
David . . . Jorin Garguilo
Elijah . . . Sean Kelley
Hotel Desk Clerk . . . Jorin Garguilo
Lisa . . . Kristen Studard
Mr. Lieberman . . . Rob White
Pilot . . . Rob White
Sheb . . . Michael Johnson
Sheb's Wife . . . Colleen Breen
Sophie . . . Amy Verdon


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  • Rob White smells.
  • The real Acapulco is a city in Mexico renowned World Wide as a vacation Destination. It is well known for its cliff diving.
  • Sophie and Lisa are names from the family for whom Mel used to nanny.
  • ''Chandi'' is the name of Kristen's co-worker.

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