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Knockdown! (11/28/2006)

released: Nov 28, 2006

description: The action begins with a wrecking ball crashing into a 14 story building, knocking it to the ground. A man with a huge cigar and a skull and crossbones on his hard hat is controlling the machine, and he laughs to himself as the building falls. The improvished Watkins family huddles around the table in their own poor tenement, only to fall victim to the wrath of this wrecking ball next – the building is destroyed and the family is instantly killed. In the police precinct, Simpson-Watson comes into the Chief’s office to see what is being done about this destruction. Obviously the Demolisher is behind it, and only one man can stop him – the man who originally put him behind bars, Sticks. The Chief tells Simpson-Watson that she must go find Sticks and get him on this case. Sticks is losing himself in the bottle and preparing to jump off a bridge when Simpson-Watson finds him. She stops him and explains that the Demolisher is back to his old tricks. Sticks refuses to go at first, still bitter about the Demolisher’s release from prison and haunted by the damage he did the first time around. Sticks wanders the streets, looking at the architectural victims of the Demolisher, and finally finds his resolve. He ends up at the precinct, where the Chief briefs him and his new partner Simpson-Watson on the case so far. Meanwhile, in his mansion, the Demolisher is roused by his butler, Abramson. The Demolisher is eager to set about his day of destruction, and Abramson has prepared everything accordingly. The Demolisher confesses to Abramson that he longs for the day the unsightly homes of the poor are gone, and he can build his own clean and austere city. Simpson-Watson and Sticks set out in a patrol car. As they discuss the case, it is revealed that Sticks lost his son (and his son’s entire kindergarten class) to the Demolisher’s ball. His wife was also sadly crushed between two wrecking balls. Soon enough, the officers encounter the Demolisher on the roads. He attacks, and though the cops jump to safety just in time, their car is destroyed. At his mansion, the Demolisher cackles over his victory. He also tells Abramson that he feels as warmly as he can towards him in a paternal way. Back at the precinct, the Chief chastises them for destroying the car and threatens to take them off the case. Simpson-Watson finds the file from the first time the Demolisher was at large, and the two set about pouring over the file. As this studying brings them closer together, and they are practically cozy as they cruise the streets with the file. They happen to pass the Demolisher’s mansion, and as they do, Sticks sees a familiar face in the window – Abramson. His mind flashes back to a game of Horse with his son Tommy before he fell victim to the Demolisher. Meanwhile, the Demolisher is backing his wrecking ball out of the garage when he sees the cops. He immediately takes aim at the car, but Simpson-Watson has made a protective shield out of grenades. Enraged, the Demolisher attempts to jump through the windshield of the patrol car. The cops hold him off. Abramson runs out to help the Demolisher, and he and Sticks recognize each other. Just as the father and son are about to be reunited, Abramson/Tommy is shot by the Demolisher. Sticks is now determined to take down the Demolisher. As Simpson-Watson calls for backup, the two men fight, with Sticks cutting off both the Demolisher’s hands with his razor blade shoes and the Demolisher cutting off one of Sticks’. The SWAT team swarms in, and one officer accidentally stumbles into the wrecker’s controls, setting the ball on the Demolisher and ultimately destroyed him with his own weapon. In the hospital, Simpson-Watson visits Sticks and Tommy. With his son by his side, Sticks tells his partner that despite all the damage, everything has turned out right after all.

cast & crew:

Directed by . . . Jason Chin
Abramson/Tommy Sticks . . . Sean Kelley
Bridge Jumper . . . Michael Johnson
Mrs. Sticks . . . Colleen Breen
Pa Watkins . . . Michael Johnson
Simpson-Watson . . . Kristen Studard
Sticks . . . Rob White
SWAT team cop #1 . . . Amy Verdon
SWAT team cop #2 . . . Colleen Breen
SWAT team cop #3 . . . Michael Johnson
SWAT team cop #4 . . . Mel Evans
The Chief . . . Mel Evans
The Demolisher . . . Jorin Garguilo
Watkins Boy . . . Sean Kelley
Watkins Girl . . . Colleen Breen


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