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Boom! I Got Your Boyfriend (05/22/2007)

released: May 22, 2007

description: The stands are packed for the swim meet, full of people waiting to see Rick, the school's swim star, dive. Molly, a new student in the school, sits with Katie and Kath. Despite knowing that Katie is dating Rick, Molly finds herself drawn to him.

At the dinner table at home, Molly's parents encourage her to get involved in more activities, like her brother, Tate, who is already captain of four clubs. Molly tags along with Tate to a party thrown by the Tree Dwellers Club. There, she is officially introduced to Rick. Over the next few days, she finds herself with him at several other club meetings. Finally, she gathers up the confidence and signs herself up for the swim team.

The coach puts the new swimmers to the test by having them hold their breaths underwater. He tells them Rick holds the record at six minutes. The winner will start in the next day's swim meet. Six minutes pass, and Tate bursts to the surface. The coach is impressed - until Molly pops up six seconds later. The coach tells Tate he's after Rick, and Molly she will be starting.

As Molly prepares for the meet in the locker room, she finds herself suddenly confronted by Katie. Katie informs Molly that Rick has been talking about her far too much lately (even calling Katie ''Molly'') and she doesn't like it. Katie tells her this has to end, or violence will ensue.

Molly faces violence sooner than she thinks, however, when one of the competing swimmers from Tech School uses a spike to injure Molly and gain an advantage in the race. Fortunately, Rick sees this, and calls for help or at least referee intervention. Inspired, Molly pushes herself to win the race. Rick is impressed, and asks Molly if she would like to get some coffee with him after the meet. Katie sadly witnesses all this and is crushed. She threatens Molly again in the locker room, but Molly is undeterred.

Molly and Rick meet at the Java Hut and discuss swimming and their plans for college. Finally, Molly admits that while she likes Rick and feels a great connection, she feels guilty because he has a girlfriend. Rick confesses that he isn't that into Katie - he is just marking time with her until college. Molly doesn't allow herself to get too hopeful, until Rick asks where she is planning on going to school. She tells him Bard, and lets him know that they have a great swim team.

Meanwhile, Katie watches tearfully through the window in the rain. Tate passes and offers her his umbrella. She refuses, but then, realizing her mistake, runs after him. She catches up to him as he is taking off in his Space Club rocket. As Rick watches Molly make plans for the next day and he watches her leave the coffee shop, the rocket passes over them.

A year later, Katie and Tate watch in the stands as Rick and Molly take to the Bard high board. Hand in hand, they go over their dive one more time before jumping together.

cast & crew:

Directed by . . . Jason Chin
Dad . . . Jorin Garguilo
Kath . . . Amy Verdon
Katie . . . Colleen Breen
Molly . . . Kristen Studard
Mom . . . Mel Evans
Petra . . . Michael Johnson
Rick . . . Rob White
Sailing Club Member . . . Sean Kelley
Space Club Member . . . Michael Johnson
Swim Teach Coach . . . Michael Johnson
Tate . . . Bob Ladewig
Tech School Swim Coach . . . Jorin Garguilo
Tech School Swimmer #1 . . . Mel Evans
Tech School Swimmer #2 . . . Sean Kelley
Tree Dwellers Club Member #1 . . . Jorin Garguilo
Tree Dwellers Club Member #2 . . . Michael Johnson
Tree Dwellers Club Member #3 . . . Sean Kelley


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