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Ronin Away (05/11/2007)

released: May 11, 2007

description: In the city of Hanoi, Ronin Crabbshack gathers his team to plan the biggest bank robbery the country has ever seen. Wealthy socialite Kitty LaRue has come to keep her multitude of diamonds in Hanoi's most well-protected bank. Bank manager Bill Tiller leads her through their extensive system, which includes a retina scan, a pit of piranhas, a team of Dragon Clan
ninjas, and a logic puzzle which, if executed incorrectly, releases a nuclear weapon and an airborne version of the AIDs virus.

Upon casing the bank, Ronin sees and falls immediately in love with Kitty LaRue. He abandons the team and follows her back to her hotel. Kitty finds Ronin equally charming and the two give in to passion.

Meanwhile, Carl and Hashimoto have taken the casing of the bank inside, and Bill Tiller gladly shows them the security measures. Hashimoto declares that evening is the best night to break in, and Carl relutantly agrees. The two walk in to inform Ronin of the plan and are shocked to see Kitty LaRue in Ronin's home. They are further shocked when Ronin proposes to Kitty.
It becomes clear to them, however, that Ronin has drugged Kitty. The three smile and hop into the getaway Miata as Kitty collapses.

The team arrives at the bank and immediately knock Bill Tiller down in the parking lot as he walks to his car. They drag him to the bank and ply open his eye to successfully pass the retina scan. The Dragon Clan descends upon them, and they swiftly defeat all of them. Trouble comes, however, when they try to cross the pit of piranhas. The team orders Bill Tiller to
press the button that produces a bridge. He does, and he and Hashimoto cross the narrow bridge successfully. Carl and Ronin, however, try to cross together. Carl loses his balance, falls, and is immediately devoured by the piranhas. Hashimoto is distraught, but demands they continue on.

They come to the final obstacle, the logic puzzle that trips a nuclear weapon and the outbreak of the AIDs virus. Ronin asks Hashimoto to try it. As she works, Tiller sneaks away and presses another button that alerts the authorities. As the siren blares, Ronin and Hashimoto rush into the bank vault, where they face an unexpected challenge -- a huge robot samurai. They battle they robot successfully, and grab as much as they can as the police swarm in. The only way out is up, so Ronin takes out his grappling hook and the two fly out.

They emerge on the street to find another police officer, whom Hashimoto quickly dispenses. They dive back into the Miata, where Kitty LaRue is waking and loosening herself from her bindings. As Kitty goes on about her money and her future with Ronin, Hashimoto can take no more and shoots the socialite. The two speed away, even as blood clouds the car's windows.

cast & crew:

Directed by . . . Jason Chin
Bank Teller . . . Kristen Studard
Bill Tiller . . . Sean Kelley
Carl . . . Rob White
Crabbshack Customer . . . Jorin Garguilo
Dragon Clan Ninja #1 . . . Amy Verdon
Dragon Clan Ninja #2 . . . Colleen Breen
Dragon Clan Ninja #3 . . . Jorin Garguilo
Dragon Clan Ninja #4 . . . Kristen Studard
Dragon Clan Ninja #5 . . . Michael Johnson
Hashimoto . . . Mel Evans
Kitty LaRue . . . Amy Verdon
Kitty's Maid . . . Colleen Breen
Old Man . . . Michael Johnson
Police Officer #1 . . . Colleen Breen
Police Officer #2 . . . Jorin Garguilo
Police Officer #3 . . . Kristen Studard
Police Officer #4 . . . Michael Johnson
Police Officer #5 . . . Sean Kelley
Robot Samurai #1 . . . Michael Johnson
Robot Samurai #2 . . . Sean Kelley
Ronin Crabbshack . . . Bob Ladewig


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