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Beer Run (11/21/2006)

released: Nov 21, 2006

description: The movie opens on the trashed Alpha Omega house, with Toddley sleeping off last night's rager. Big Steve enters and informs Toddley that he has missed his Sexual History exam. Apparently, the grades of all the Alpha Omegas are suffering. Sure enough, Dean Whitaker and her hulking manservant JoJo appear to reinforce this fact, and threaten to close the house if their grades don't improve. In the quad, an Alpha Omega accosts a generally peaceful Johannes. This attack (in the form of a wedgie) is actually an invitation to the big party the Omegas are throwing. Later, the Omegas convene to discuss their academic situation. Alanson, their president, presents a plan wherein they sneak into the dean's office and change their grades in the computer system. Dean Whitaker is at that moment in her office, asking JoJo for an update on the Omegas. JoJo informs her the boys have taken no action to improve their grades. The dean expresses concern that nothing ruins the big donor's parade and rally this coming weekend. As they discuss these impending events inside the office, Alanson and Dumb Tony arrive, dressed as painters and prepared to use their disguise to scope out the lay of the office. Dean Whitaker and JoJo buy into the disguises easily enough and leave. Alanson and Dumb Tony decide to take advantage of this opportunity and just change their grades right then, when the Dean and her henchman suddenly return. A chase ensues, going through various campus locales until finally the two frat boys escape on the back of a truck. They meet up with their fellow brothers at the house. The Omegas are trying to come up with another plot when Johannes appears, asking about the recyclability of the party fliers. Despite their belief that he may be a bit softer than they are, the brothers decide to take advantage of Johannes' duel major in Theater and Computer Science and make him an honorary member of the fraternity. Alanson then tells them all about their new plan, which has nothing to do with Johannes' skills: they will make a huge float of an oxen for the donors' parade, in which they will hide and infiltrate the dean's office while she is out judging. Johannes tries to hack the computer system when an apologetic Big Steve interrupts his work. Though Johannes initially rejects his advances, love blooms between the two. On the day of the donors' parade, all seems to be going according to plan: the Omegas are all hidden in the giant oxen float and dressed in Shakespearean ninja costumes provided by Johannes. As the parade begins, Dean Whitaker announces the organization with the best float will win a party. The giant oxen follows along with the parade route, until it suddenly veers off in the direction of the dean's office, causing it to lose part of its top. The float careens out of control and crashes into the office. The Omegas remain undeterred, and break in. They all set about their respective tasks, and in his stringent observance of his job of not answering the door, Dumb Tony finds the dean's bedridden mother. Love and cross dressing ensue. Meanwhile, in the office, the dean is showing a donor in just as the dynamite explodes, opening the safe. Dean Whitaker and the donor are appalled, especially since the donor had just decided to award the Omegas the best float prize. The dean states she will let their grades decide their fate -- and opens their records to discover they all have 3.7s. The movie ends with the Omegas having their party after all.

cast & crew:

Directed by . . . Jason Chin
Alanson . . . Sean Kelley
Big Steve . . . Kristen Studard
Dean Whitaker . . . Amy Verdon
Donor . . . Mel Evans
Dumb Tony . . . Rob White
Gus . . . Michael Johnson
Jo Jo . . . Michael Johnson
Johannes . . . Jorin Garguilo
Mrs. Whitaker . . . Michael Johnson
Toddley Langdon . . . Colleen Breen


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  • The real Alpha Omega is an international dental fraternity ( Alpha is the first letter and Omega the last of the Greek alphabet.

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