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LCD Part 2 (04/24/2007)

released: Apr 24, 2007

description: Mimi Walker proclaims her innocence as she faces trial for multiple homicides. Her lawyer tells her that photographic evidence is hard to refute. Mimi maintains that she didn't do it; however, she has an evil twin sister that is more than likely responsible. Regardless, she is sent to the Los Angeles Correctional Department's women's prison. There, she continues to state her innocence to her fellow inmates Juanita, Brawny Monica, and Stinky. The four devise a plot to break out of prison, despite being under the watchful eye of Officer Green.

Meanwhile, CeeCee Walker is busy baiting her next victim at her job at the Barnes and Noble: a young man named Alan. CeeCee charms him into inviting her for coffee, and the two have a whirlwind romance. Just as she is post-coitally preparing to use her double clawed hammer on him, she is interrupted by a candy gram. Enraged, she ruthlessly cuts the candy gram singer's throat with a jagged earring instead.

In prison, Stinky has designed a flying machine and Juanita, Monica, and Mimi have built it using sheets and part of the furnace. They wait until Friday, when Officer Green enjoys an extended smoke break with a cigar, and make their escape. Officer Green sees them and gives chase, but the girls get away. They head off into the night, towards the Barnes and Noble so that Mimi can prove her innocence.

As Alan drives her to work, CeeCee asks him to meet her during her break. She plans to poison his pumpkin frappucino and finally do him in. Alan agrees, and CeeCee goes to spend her morning in the music section. Meanwhile, the inmates plan to pose as a female singing quartet to sneak into the Barnes and Noble. They are greeted by CeeCee's supervisor, who mistakes Mimi for her sister and directs her to the music section for her shift. The four corner CeeCee by the Adult Contemporary CD's when Alan stumbles in, clearly drugged. CeeCee grabs him, runs out of the Barnes and Noble and hops into a cab, and the inmates follow on a four-person bicycle.

A frantic chase ensues through the streets of Los Angeles, with the four-person bicycle clumsily chasing the speeding cab. All of them are chased by Officer Green on a razor scooter. The inmates fall in a turn, and Officer Green jumps over them, only to fall himself. Stinky, Juanita, and Brawny Monica take this opportunity to pummel Officer Green while Mimi hops on to the roof of the cab. It stops at CeeCee's apartment, where she pulls Alan out and inside. Mimi follows and again confronts her sister. CeeCee attacks her, and just when it looks like she may claim two lives, Officer Green bursts through the wall. CeeCee tells him she is being attacked by her twin the convict, and as he mulls the situation through his one good eye, CeeCee sneaks behind him with her double clawed hammer. Without turning, Officer Green shoots her dead from over his shoulder. Mimi tells Officer Green the antidote to CeeCee's poison, and he administers it to Alan, saving his life.

As Mimi and Alan happily ride around the city on a four seat bicycle, they see Juanita joy riding in a stolen car, Stinky grinning maniacally as she clutches two kittens, Brawny Monica working on her biceps, and Officer Green smoking a cigar. The four-seat bicycle lifts up into the air with the aid of the flying machine and rides into the sunset.

cast & crew:

Alan . . . Rob White
Balloon Vendor . . . Amy Verdon
Bored Guard #1 . . . Kristen Studard
Bored Guard #2 . . . Rob White
Brawny Monica . . . Colleen Breen
Candy Gram . . . Sean Kelley
CeeCee . . . Mel Evans
Court Appointed Attorney . . . Kristen Studard
Irene . . . Amy Verdon
Juanita . . . Amy Verdon
Jury Member #1 . . . Amy Verdon
Jury Member #2 . . . Colleen Breen
Jury Member #3 . . . Rob White
Jury Member #4 . . . Sean Kelley
Mimi . . . Mel Evans
Officer Green . . . Jorin Garguilo
Stinky . . . Sean Kelley
Supervisor . . . Kristen Studard


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  • Using state-of-the-art ''Perspective Technology'', Kristen Studard played Mel's double when both CeeCee and Mimi were in the same shot.
  • Mel Evans is our resident twin player! Her first try at playing twins was during a rehearsal - a show called ''Hey, It's Barbara'' where she played a rock star and her look-alike high school counterpart. The cast of OFP considers this rehearsal one of our best! Guess it paid off for Mel!

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