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It Was a Cut Up (03/13/2007)

released: Mar 13, 2007

description: A massacre has occurred in the North Carolina Hurricanes' locker room. Six hockey players have been brutally murdered -- and all of them happened to be Jewish. Having been threatened by Mayoral Candidate Jenkins to figure out what happened, but not to allow the current mayor to take credit, pathologist Clive Dodson travels through the rainy night to the crime scene. Sparky, the night watchman, leads him directly to the locker room, where Mayoral Candidate Jenkins pops up immediately. Nick Lawson, a gentile teammate, also appears in the locker room.

When the two men ask Lawson if anything out of the ordinary had occurred before the murders, he tells them the team received many fan letters recently that included incredible renderings of the individual players being murdered in variously horrific ways -- with the exception of the player marked with a cross over his head.

Back at his desk, Dodson studies the drawing when Lisa Goldman, a widow of one of the players, knocks. She asks if he can tell her any information about her husband's death. Dodson describes the murder is gruesome detail, until Lisa is finally driven out of the office in tears -- and straight into the arms of Mayoral Candidate Jenkins.

Meanwhile, in a small shack, a man clad only a hockey garter belt lovingly sketches while keeping one eye on the Bible. Behind him, six corpses swing from the ceiling.

At the hockey rink, children practice their skating, unaware of the recent events. As their skate period ends, one child, Jacob, lags behind. Jacob is greeted by a mysterious man, and soon, a Hello Kitty backpack, several appendages, and finally, a Star of David splatter against the locker room door.

In the morgue, Dodson and Jenkins vow to find the person who could kill a child like that. Lawson soon enters, and informs the men that he has converted to Judaism out of respect for his teammates. Dodson reacts violently to this news -- he has picked up on the fact that this murderer targets Jewish people. He decides he will stake out Lawson's house that evening, just in case.

Meanwhile, at the shack, a UPS man delivers a package for Jason Kachuck. He opens it, and discovers an invitation to his hockey team's reunion. Kachuck laughs and throws it away, and then looks at a newspaper article recounting the accident that ended his hockey career -- an accident caused by a Jewish player.

At Lawson's house that evening, Lisa stops by to drop off a letter her husband had written his teammate and friend in the event of his death. The two remember Josh, and as Lisa leaves, it is clear that Dodson is watching in his car outside. A UPS truck pulls up to the house. The driver, his hat pulled firmly over his eyes, approaches Dodson and asks where he can find a certain address. Once Dodson finally puts two and two together and realizes this is the murderer, the driver pulls his hat up to reveal the actual UPS driver, who confesses that Kachuck made him stall and distract Dodson. The UPS truck tears away, and Dodson, Lawson, and the UPS driver follow.

A chase ensues with the UPS driver shooting at his own truck, and finally, Lawson jumping over to the truck. He and Kachuck fight, and the truck careens off of the road and rolls down a hill. Dodson catches up to them at the bottom of the hill, and pulls his gun on the killer. As he does so, however, Jenkins pulls his gun on Dodson, and informs him that this case cannot be solved too soon -- the current mayor cannot take credit for it. As he talks, Lisa Goldman appears and pulls her gun on Jenkins. She demands her husband's murderer be brought to justice. As all three trigger fingers begin to pull, the UPS driver suddenly appears in Dodson's car. He flies down the hill, and the car lands directly on Kachuck.

With Kachuck dead, Dodson finds the newspaper article detailing the hockey accident from his pocket. The group finally finds a kind of closure, and heads off into the sunset together to get Whoppers.

cast & crew:

Child at Hockey Rink #1 . . . Kristen Studard
Child at Hockey Rink #2 . . . Michael Johnson
Child at Hockey Rink #3 . . . Jorin Garguilo
Child at Hockey Rink #4 . . . Rob White
Child at Hockey Rink #5 . . . Mel Evans
Child at Hockey Rink #6 . . . Michael Johnson
Clive Dodson . . . Sean Kelley
Hockey Player Corpse #1 . . . Sean Kelley
Hockey Player Corpse #2 . . . Amy Verdon
Hockey Player Corpse #3 . . . Mel Evans
Hockey Player Corpse #4 . . . Michael Johnson
Hockey Player Corpse #5 . . . Jorin Garguilo
Jacob . . . Amy Verdon
Jason Kachuck . . . Rob White
Josh Goldman . . . Michael Johnson
Lisa Goldman . . . Mel Evans
Mayoral Candidate Jenkins . . . Michael Johnson
Nick Lawson . . . Jorin Garguilo
Sparky . . . Rob White
UPS Driver . . . Michael Johnson


The killer is named after hockey great Keith Tchachuk.

-- mike johnson on Mar 21, 2007

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  • This Movie ended with ''Hava Naglia'' by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.

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