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Frankie and the Food Fight Fiasco (03/06/2007)

released: Mar 06, 2007

description: Lunch options swirl before a teenaged girl. She dwells over them, sweat rolling down her face, as the line grows impatient behind her. Finally, the bell rings with no decision made, and all the students walk away hungry. Three students conspire in the back of biology class, and they conclude they cannot take anymore: Francesca Waters' indecision must be stopped.

In the principal's office, Frankie Waters discusses her daily issue with her father, who happens to be the principal. He is understanding, but tells her she has to make a decision on something eventually. He also encourages her to make some friends. As she leaves the office and makes her way to her locker, Frankie is harassed by Chad, who is starving and angry. He lets her know that none of the students appreciate missing one meal a day, and she will pay for it.

Meanwhile, Amy Finkelstein makes her way to Principal Waters' office, having just transferred in from Alaska. Principal Waters lends a sympathetic ear as she informs him that she is hypoglycemia, that she came to St. Agnes High School specifically to pursue their Impressionism program, and that she is worried about making friends.
In the lunchroom the next afternoon, Frankie is again struggling over her selection with another long line forming behind her. Chad appears and tells the students he has a backpack full of hamburgers. He passes them out, and saves the last one to throw at the new girl. A food fight ensues, and when Principal Waters walks in, the other students blame it on Frankie and Amy.

Once in his office, the two girls convince Principal Waters that they were not at fault - Frankie wouldn't take that kind of initiative and as a hypoglycemia, Amy wouldn't waste the food. Principal Waters says he still has to punish the girls, and so they are told to fake a detention in the library. The two spend the afternoon happily doing academic activities in the library, and by the day's end, are great friends.

The rest of the students, however, remain hungry and bitter. Chad and his friends unleash a plan to get Frankie out of the school forever: they will burn a priceless Impressionist painting, setting the scene of the crime by a huge pile of food laced with cyanide. This will enrage Frankie and Amy into starting a food fight for real this time, and hopefully, an authority figure will cross in the path of the poisonous food, resulting in their death.

The next day, Frankie and Amy are discussing their evening plans when they hear that a painting is on fire in the cafeteria. They rush in to see one of Monet's Haystacks being burnt to a crisp. As Amy and Frankie try their best to put out the fire, the other students grow enraged and fling food at them. When the two girls finally look up, the painting is a pile of ash and they are covered in food. Principal Waters enters, and tells the girls to go immediately to his office. Shamefaced, they take the long walk down the hall, pelted with food the whole way.

Principal Waters informs them that although he realizes they are not directly at fault for the fire, Frankie's indecision is causing all this chaos, and so he cannot allow them to stay at the school. He is going to transfer them to St. Ignatius. Frankie begs him not to do that - she asks that if tomorrow, she makes up her mind, he allows them to stay. Her father agrees to that.

The night passes with Amy testing Frankie on every possible option she might face, while the lunch lady prepares every unappetizing dish she can.

The next day, Frankie stands at the head of the lunch line. The student body waits, ready to fling whatever is closest to them. Principal Waters and Amy watch hopefully, willing her to succeed. Finally, Frankie opens her mouth, and after only the slightest hesitation, orders. The cafeteria does indeed erupt - with applause. A triumphant Frankie is congratulated by her father, her friend, and by all the students who can now look forward to a midday meal.

cast & crew:

Directed by . . . Jason Chin
Amy Finkelstein . . . Mel Evans
Annie . . . Mel Evans
Chad . . . Sean Kelley
Coco . . . Colleen Breen
Crazy Carlos . . . Jorin Garguilo
Francesca "Frankie" Waters . . . Kristen Studard
Librarian #1 . . . Sean Kelley
Librarian #2 . . . Jorin Garguilo
Lunch Lady . . . Sean Kelley
Melissa . . . Amy Verdon
Principal Waters . . . Rob White


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  • Claude Monet painted a series of fifteen Haystacks. They were intended to be displayed together.

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