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Danny Glover's Surprise (02/13/2007)

released: Feb 13, 2007

description: Daniel Glover works in a room covered with photographs of his wife and his children through the years, featuring particularly a large family portrait, but his attention is focused solely on his ship in a bottle. His wife, Ann, soon interupts to tell him that everyone will be over soon for his retirement celebration dinner, and he should change. Daniel barely looks at her as he tells her as he tells her she looks nice, and he'll be ready soon. Meanwhile, the Glovers' daughter Jamie is preparing for the party with her new fiancee, Toby. Toby worries that he will never be the nautical salesman Mr. Glover was, and Mr. Glover will judge him. Jamie tells him that it doesn't matter, and the couple plans to announce their engagement to the family that night. Meanwhile, Daniel Glover Jr., or DJ, is relaxing on his bearskin rug with Rosetta. Rosetta is clearly excited about this relationship with DJ, telling him that she has never been with anyone longer than three months. DJ is uncomfortably trying to figure out a way to get rid of her when his mother calls. She asks him to pick up a bottle of wine, and then asks if he is bringing a date. He awkwardly puts off this question. The other line beeps, and Mrs. Glover picks up the other line to speak to Siegfried "Ziggy" Glover, their youngest son. He informs his mother that he is coming on his motorbike and bringing Shirley. As he hangs up with his mother, Ziggy asks if he seemed cool enough - his family has always come down on him for being nerdy and possibly gay. Shirley tells him if it helps, she will tell his family she's pregnant. The Glover children and their significant others (including DJ, who has begrudgingly brought Rosetta) arrive at the house, and Mr. Glover belittles each of his children in turn. They all sit down to an awkward dinner, wherein Rosetta crawls under the table to DJ in an attempt to get to the bathroom. Once she is pointed in the right direction, DJ makes excuses to no avail - his father judges her harshly and loudly. DJ goes to the bathroom to find Rosetta, who confesses she adores him and wants more of a commitment. When he refuses, she threatens to drown herself in the bathtub. DJ returns downstairs and explodes at his father, telling him that no one woman has ever been good enough in his father's eyes until DJ ultimately had to scrape the bottom of the barrel with whores and liquor. DJ tells his family he's going to go back upstairs and get in the bath with his whore. Seeing no better time than the present, Jamie and Toby announce that they are engaged, which invites a flood of negative comments about the size of the diamond and Toby's appropriateness as a husband. Daniel gives Toby a brief quiz on sailing, and when Toby does not answer to his liking, he is ridiculed again. Ziggy decides that he too should make an announcement and informs his family that Shirley is pregnant. The entire family laughs in disbelief - they are firmly under the belief that Ziggy is gay. Now is Ziggy's turn to explode, and he marches out to ride his motorcycle. Jamie and Toby soon follow him out to smoke a cigarette, leaving Shirley awkwardly sobbing with the Glover parents. The family and their current partners are all suffering separately when the phone rings. Officer Cavanaugh informs Daniel that Ziggy has been in an accident - he is fine, but he's in the hospital. The family, with the exception of Daniel, rushes over to the hospital to wait for word. While they do so, Shirley confesses that she is in fact pregnant, and despite some continued resistence, the family finally believes it. The family - just family members - are invited into Ziggy's room. He has a broken leg, but is otherwise fine. Meanwhile, back at the house, Daniel works on his ship in a bottle again. As he does so, he remembers a happier time in the Glover household before the Nantucket Regatta. Finally realizing what he needs to do, Daniel hops on his own motorcycle with his ship in a bottle and rides to the hospital. He bursts into the waiting room, where he informs Rosetta, Toby, and Shirley that he has treated his family badly and he is going to make amends. He goes into Ziggy's room and apologizes for the expectations he has put upon his children. As testament that his family is most important to him, he hands his children his ship in a bottle. The ship is called the "S.S. D.J., Jamie, and Ziggy" and inside are tiny representations of his children and important things to each of them, like a prom dress and shrimp cocktail. He tells them that they should reconnect over dinner and the family pushes Ziggy's bed out of the hospital together. They are joined by Rosetta, Toby, and Shirley in the hallway, and Daniel tells them that they are part of this family too. A new family portrait soon reflects that, and then later, a family portrait shows an even larger Glover family.

cast & crew:

Directed by . . . Jason Chin
Ann Glover . . . Kristen Studard
Daniel Glover . . . Michael Johnson
Daniel Glover Jr . . . Jorin Garguilo
Dr. Reynolds . . . Michael Johnson
Jamie Glover . . . Amy Verdon
Nun #1 . . . Sean Kelley
Nun #2 . . . Michael Johnson
Officer Cavanaugh . . . Kristen Studard
Rosetta . . . Colleen Breen
Shirley . . . Mel Evans
Toby . . . Rob White
Ziggy Glover . . . Sean Kelley


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