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Cotton Ball Fever (11/07/2006)

released: Nov 07, 2006

description: The movie opens on a city scene as the camera makes its way to a beauty/barber shop, where Trudy sits with her two beautician friends, Char and Mary. Trudy laments two years without a date after her divorce, and the beauticians make her over as best they can for her date that night. Meanwhile, at Chez Coiffeur across town, Stuart is being styled by three German gays, led by Dieter. Stuart too finds himself sadly single. Later that night, Trudy sits at a bar, stood up by her date. The hour grows later, and the bartender removes the empty seat from Trudy's table when Stuart and Trudy spy each other through the bar window. There is an instant connection, and as they make their way towards each other, Stuart is suddenly hit by a cab. He awakes in the hospital with the loss of use of his legs, a case of amnesia, and Trudy by his side. When a doctor points out no family members are noted on his paper work, Trudy quickly identifies herself as his wife and him as Jack. Trudy and Jack/Stuart do a bevy of activities to bond and rehabilitate him, and soon enough Jack/Stuart is walking again. He wants to prove to Trudy how excellent his physical condition has become, so she rushes to her beauty salon to prepare. There she confesses to Char and Mary that she has tricked a man into thinking he is her husband and invites the girls to meet her new spouse. Meanwhile, Jack/Stuart finds (with some help) the card of Chez Coiffeur and goes there to find out about his past. Dieter and the boys are thrilled to see him but appalled at the state of his hair. When Jack/Stuart tells them where he has been, they waste no time in telling him that he has never been married and point out his lack of a wedding ring. Jack/Stuart returns to the apartment where he confronts Trudy, who makes up excuses to cover her story. Char and Mary appear at the apartment, anxious to meet ''Jack'' and bearing ambrosia. Meanwhile, Dieter and the gay stylists speed in their mini Cooper to the apartment to save Stuart from an uncertain heterosexual fate. They confront Trudy, who confesses the truth, and Stuart walks out on her. Later, Trudy sits at the same bar where she met Stuart, and a stranger is seen walking down the street. Behind the stranger emerges Stuart, who sees Trudy sitting in the bar. The two approach each other, and as they do, a speeding cab just misses hitting Stuart. The two confess the loneliness they have felt without the other and that they are indeed in love. The movie ends with the joyous wedding of Trudy and Stuart, filled with the tears of many stylists.

''Can't Get Enough of Your Love''
''A Whole New World''
''Everybody Dance Now''

cast & crew:

Directed by . . . Jason Chin
Bartender . . . Michael Johnson
Cab driver . . . Jorin Garguilo
Char . . . Mel Evans
Dieter . . . Jorin Garguilo
Doctor . . . Sean Kelley
Flamboyant Stylist #1 . . . Michael Johnson
Flamboyant Stylist #2 . . . Phillip Semon
Mary . . . Amy Verdon
Nurse . . . Jorin Garguilo
Pedestrian . . . Michael Johnson
Stuart/Jack . . . Rob White
Trudy . . . Kristen Studard


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  • The music the ''German Gays'' play in their mini-Cooper was C&C's Music Factory's ''Gonna Make Ya Sweat.'' That song is currently being used in the trailer for ''Flushed Away.''

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