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Cupid is a Fraud (01/09/2007)

released: Jan 09, 2007

description: The year is 1985. A high school bustles as students move to homeroom, ignoring torn posters that advertise the Valentine's Day dance. One student, Sammy, struggles with his locker and then enters Mr. Jenkins' homeroom/Home Ec class, where he is promptly bombarded by invitations to the dance from all the girls. Sammy, however, is not interested in any of them. He soon grows uncomfortable and asks Mr. Jenkins if he can use the hall pass before they begin their muffins. One girl, Sondra, finagles her way into sharing the hall pass with Sammy. Once in the hallway, she convinces him to cut class. They go to an ice cream parlor, which is deserted save one employee, who puts them in charge while he works in back. Sondra asks Sammy why he has no interest in any of the girls at school, and he confesses through flashback that five years ago, he had his heart broken at Field Day by Janie Kubowski -- he had been prepared to give her candy and his heart, and she had a boyfriend. That night, at a sleepover at Sondra's house, she confesses the details of Sammy's heartbreak to the rest of the girls in the class. They decide they are going to help him and begin to plan. Meanwhile, at home, Sammy is still overcome by his painful memories. He is interrupted by his younger sister Nicole, who tries to talk him out of his melancholy with some common sense. Sammy is only cheered when a package arrives for him -- it is the same candy he had for Janie and a note asking that they meet. The next day at school, Sammy enters homeroom considerably cheerier. The events play out the same as the previous day, with Sammy and Sondra using the hall pass to escape from class and ultimately from school, but this time Sammy is eager to leave, as he is meeting Janie. Sondra comes with him to the same ice cream parlor, where the same employee puts them in charge again. Sammy asks Sondra to make herself scarce so Janie won't think she is with him when she comes, so Sondra retreats to the ladies room where all the girls are hiding to see their plan unfold. They watch as Sammy wastes the day away, waiting for Janie, who never shows. At home that night, Sammy is even more miserable and has another spout of unsolicited advice from Nicole: one shouldn't live in the past and overlook what they have in front of them. Meanwhile, at their apparently nightly sleepover, the girls are wondering why their plan failed and why Sondra would want to help Sammy in this way. As realization dawns on all of them, Sammy calls Sondra to talk. She quickly invites herself over. Meanwhile, desperate to make the whole situation right, one of the girls races with the real Janie to Sammy's house. Sammy and Sondra sit in his room discussing what their true motivations were, and Sondra confesses that it was actually she who sent the package and set up the meeting. As she does so, her friend enters and presents the real Janie. Sondra runs from the house, distraught at this unfortunate turn. The girls find her and comfort her as best they can. Back at the house, Sammy discovers that life has not been kind to Janie in the past five years, but that she vaguely remembers him through her alcoholic haze. Nicole enters one last time to encourage her brother to do what he has to do and to clock Janie with a Transformer. A.J. the sole ice cream shop employee crawls through the window to retrieve his lady Janie, chastising her for leaving the kid alone. Sammy is dumbfounded. The next night, the Valentine's Dance is in full swing when Sondra exits and finds herself at opposite ends of the hallway with Sammy. They confess their stupidity and their true feelings for each other, and finally kiss. The movie ends with the two blissfully enjoying a new Field Day together.

cast & crew:

Directed by . . . Jason Chin
A.J. the Ice Cream Man . . . Michael Johnson
Girl #1 . . . Colleen Breen
Girl #2 . . . Amy Verdon
Girl #3 . . . Mel Evans
Hillary . . . Michael Johnson
Janie Kubowski . . . Amy Verdon
Mr. Jenkins . . . Jorin Garguilo
Mr. Kaplan . . . Michael Johnson
Mrs. Kaplan . . . Kristen Studard
Nicole Kaplan . . . Mel Evans
Reginald . . . Jorin Garguilo
Sammy Kaplan . . . Rob White
Sondra . . . Kristen Studard


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  • The movie title, initially misheard, was almost taken as ''Jupiter is a Fraud''. It is likely that the movie would have then been the OFP's first science fiction or science fantasy movie -- without a very ill Sean Kelley, the OFP's most expert performer on sci fi/fantasy genres.

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