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Wal-Mart Sleeper Cell (01/25/2008)

released: Jan 25, 2008

description: Jared and Joshua kick a can down a deserted street, each worrying about their respective families. Jared is concerned because his father recently lost his sports card and memorabilia shop due to the opening of a Wal-Mart in town -- and his father has cancer. He does not know how his family will pay the bills to get the medical care Mr. Chadsworth needs.

At the Wal-Mart, Lorrain, Ohio locals are overwhelmed by the selection and the bargains, despite the fact that it is responsible for most of them being unemployed. Ross, the assistant manager, helps a bewildered customer, Linda. As she confesses that she lost her bead boutique thanks to Wal-Mart, the manager, Wajuski, spots them. He pulls Ross aside and chastises him for fraternizing with the customers. Wajuski warns him that he'd better not see that happening again.

That night, Ross decides to stop off at the only bar still in business in town, Wachowski's. The patrons immediately recognize him as an employee of Wal-Mart. They blame him personally for their current situation, and drink away their troubles. Unfortunately, the more they drink, the more violent they become -- and Ross pays the price.

In the bar parking lot, Jared confesses to Joshua that he has done the unthinkable in order to help his father -- he has taken a job at Wal-Mart. Joshua begs his friend to rethink this decision, but Jared believes it is the only way he can help save his father. Joshua tells his friend that if he is going in, he won't be alone, and applies for a job as well. They start working on the loading dock the next day, where they quickly incur the wrath of Wajuski.

Inside the store, several women fight over the last remaining television set marked down to five dollars. They decide that whoever can lift the television set will win it. Linda sees Ross and asks for his aid in lifting the television. However, Wajuski sees this, and reminds Ross that he is not supposed to fraternize with the customers. He asks Ross to join him in his office, where he hands Ross a pink slip.

Ross takes his sorrows to Wachowski's bar, where the townsfolk set on him again. He explains to them that now he is in their boat -- he is out of a job as well. Wachowski believes that they all may be able to help each other with Ross's knowledge of Wal-Mart, and their shared desire for vengeance. Ross eventually agrees, and they set about planning.

The next morning, the would-be Wal-Mart terrorists attack the store immediately upon opening, taking out Judy the greeter and replacing her with a slightly more vicious greeter. They harass customers throughout the store, so much so that sales plummet. Talk of the shocking decline reaches the evening news. The town folk and Ross celebrate a job well done.

Wachowski plans to take their efforts to the next step, and the next day, they go through the same tactics at the store -- until Wachowski takes Jared and Joshua hostage and threatens to strap a bomb to them. Ross is appalled, and tries to convince him to stop. Shockingly, Jared agrees to be a sacrifice, as he has visited his dying father, who is ashamed to have a son who works for Wal-Mart. Joshua will not allow his friend to die alone, and asks that he wear the bomb as well. Ross argues that these teenagers cannot do this, and so Linda volunteers, as she caused all of Ross's employment trouble. Ross will not allow this either, so Wachowski puts on the bomb just as Wajuski spots them and comes running.

Wachowski and Wajuski stand off, resulting in the explosion of the bomb, sending millions of BB pellets flying everywhere. Everyone is unharmed and as they gather their bearings, Sam Walton V enters the scene. He asks what is happening in his store, and as everyone explains, he lays blame on Wajuski for poor management. Walton asks Ross if he believes he can handle the store better.

Ross strolls through the aisles of the Wal-Mart, visiting all of the kiosks and booths that the town folk run individually, selling their own wares. Everyone is happily successful, sharing in the Wal-Mart fortune.

cast & crew:

Directed by . . . Tabitha Parker
Bartender . . . Adal Rifai
Jared Chadsworth . . . Sean Kelley
Joshua . . . Adal Rifai
Judy . . . Kristen Studard
Kristen . . . Kristen Studard
Linda . . . Mel Evans
Mr. Chadworth . . . Roger Payton
Rob . . . Rob White
Ross . . . Rob White
Sam Walton V . . . Sean Kelley
Townie Terrorist #1 . . . Amy Verdon
Townie Terrorist #2 . . . Colleen Breen
Townie Terrorist #3 . . . Sean Kelley
TV Shopper #1 . . . Amy Verdon
TV Shopper #2 . . . Colleen Breen
TV Shopper #3 . . . Kristen Studard
Wachowski . . . Michael Johnson
Wajuski . . . Roger Payton


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