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Meet Me at the Chalet (12/07/2007)

released: Dec 07, 2007

description: Happy couples abound at the ski chalet, much to the dismay of Todd, who sits by himself by the fire. Todd had intended to meet his girlfriend at the ski chalet, where he had planned to propose to her, but she never showed up. As he overhears two joyous couples make friends, Todd makes the acquaintance of Cliff, whose girlfriend left him for the ski instructor just as he had planned to propose to her. The two decide to spread their personal misery by ruining the happiness of the couples.

They set off for the pawn shop, where they exchange the diamond rings they purchased for cash. From there, they go to the sporting goods store and stock up on supplies for their nefarious plot. As they walk through the chalet going over their plan, which involves bear traps, bear mace, and disguising themselves as the male halves of the couples, they run into Cheryl, a single female who is at the chalet alone. Both are immediately smitten with her.

Todd and Cliff set their plan into action as the couples are off skiing. They knock out the two men and tie them up in a shack in the back of the chalet, and then plant the hunting weapons of choice in the rooms. Then they make sure that the women see them disguised as their husbands/boyfriends before the trap goes off.

Cheryl hears the screams of Geraldine caught in a bear trap, and runs to her aid. As she brings the chalet medical officer and security guard to help, Hudson and Rodney come to in the shack. They untie themselves, and return to their rooms. Geraldine is terrified of Hudson, and the security officer immediately arrests him. They are interrupted by more screams as Rodney enters his room to find Janice with a face full of bear mace in a hot tub full of piranhas. She accuses her husband, and the security guard takes both men to the chalet holding cell.

Disturbed by what she has seen, Cheryl goes to the room of the only people she knows at the chalet, looking for comfort. Todd and Cliff provide her with as much physical comfort as they can. When they wake in the morning, Todd and Cliff admit that they both have fallen in love with Cheryl, and therefore, Cliff wants to confess what they have done. They do, and Cheryl is horrified. She leaves immediately, telling them they need to repair the damage they have done.

Todd and Cliff, driven by their shared love for Cheryl, decide to do that, but in a way that will not implicate them. They doctor security photographs so that the two men now appear innocent, and sneak chocolates to the two women as they lay sleeping. Hudson and Rodney are set free as soon as the security guard sees the pictures, and they return to the forgiving arms of Geraldine and Janice.

Meanwhile, Cheryl finds chocolates and a bear trap in her own room. Todd and Cliff appear behind her, offering an apology of their own and a proposal of marriage. Cheryl accepts both from both. The three are married in the chalet chapel by the resident magician/officiant, witnessed by the happily reunited couples.

cast & crew:

Directed by . . . Jason Chin
Amazing Thomas . . . Roger Payton
Chalet Security Guard/Medical Officer . . . Michael Johnson
Cheryl . . . Kristen Studard
Cliff . . . Michael Johnson
Cliff the Ski Instructor . . . Colleen Breen
Geraldine . . . Mel Evans
Hudson . . . Adal Rifai
Janice . . . Amy Verdon
Middle Aged Woman #1 . . . Amy Verdon
Middle Aged Woman #2 . . . Kristen Studard
Middle Aged Woman #3 . . . Mel Evans
Pawn Broker . . . Kristen Studard
Rodney . . . Roger Payton
Sporting Goods Store Clerk #1 . . . Kristen Studard
Sporting Goods Store Clerk #2 . . . Roger Payton
Todd . . . Sean Kelley


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