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The Frenchman Is Early (11/09/2007)

released: Nov 09, 2007

description: The secret agent known only as "Agent Frenchman" successfully handles a drop in a supermarket and returns to the headquarters of the French. The French resistance, led by Raphael, congratulate him on a job well done and tell him that now they have an even bigger task for him: to infiltrate the Nazi headquarters and blow it up. Agent Frenchman accepts, and sets about seeming as German as he can.

Agent Frenchman, working under the guise of Herr Himler, makes his way into the Nazi camp by fooling Herr Busch, their regiment's leader, with flattery and a shared hatred. Fraulein Klaus remains suspicious of him, and jealous that he has surpassed her in the ranks so quickly. Meanwhile, Agent Frenchman falls prey to some flattery himself when he encounters Heidi, the Nazis' resident prostitute. He asks her to take him further into the headquarters.

Meanwhile, the Nazis attack the French headquarters and overtake it. They capture the leaders of the resistance effort and bring them to their own camp, where they set about torturing them. "Herr Himler" sees this, and offers to torture them himself as a sort of initiation, provided he can do so in private. The Nazis leave, and Agent Frenchman frees his colleagues -- and also comes face to face with Raphael, who has also snuck in. Agent Frenchman attempts to hide Jean Pierre and Michele in body bags to get them out. He drags the bags through the hallways, where he soon encounters Fraulein Klaus. She tells him to just take the bodies to her quarters. At a loss, he obliges.

In Herr Busch's quarters, he is visiting with Heidi, who has just revealed to Agent Frenchman that she is actually an American spy. Herr Busch reveals to her that they have a nuclear bomb disguised as the Holy Grail that they are planning on selling to an American that day. He then reveals that he knows her true identity.

Meanwhile, Fraulein Klaus has given "Herr Himler" a truth serum in his drink. She wins him over with friendly conversation, and then reveals her true intentions. She asks him who he really is, and he tells her the truth -- just as Jean Pierre and Michele free themselves from the body bags. They force Fraulein Klaus into a bag and set off for the trophy rooms as Herr Busch welcomes the American museum curator, Dr. Steven Stephenson.

Unfortunately, they are too late -- Dr. Stephenson has taken the faux Grail and set off for his plane, which will depart from the top of the Eiffel Tower. The French race to the top of the famous tower, where they intersect the bomb. They take custody of Herr Busch, only to find that he has tied up Heidi at the top of the tower. Agent Frenchman saves her, allowing Herr Busch ample opportunity to sneak away. However, with Heidi safe and the bomb taken care of, Agent Frenchman is content. He and Heidi run off to America, where they lead a happy, quiet life.

cast & crew:

Directed by . . . Jason Chin
Agent Frenchman . . . Adal Rifai
Dr. Stephen Stevenson . . . Sean Kelley
Fraulein Klaus . . . Mel Evans
Fraulein Winter . . . Colleen Breen
French Woman . . . Mel Evans
German Solider . . . Michael Johnson
Heidi/Jeannette . . . Sean Kelley
Herr Busch . . . Rob White
Jean Pierre . . . Sean Kelley
Limo Driver . . . Rob White
Michele . . . Mel Evans
Raphael . . . Michael Johnson
Secret Agent Woman . . . Rob White
Shopkeeper . . . Sean Kelley
Starving Boy . . . Colleen Breen


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