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Stop, Drop, and Roll (11/02/2007)

released: Nov 02, 2007

description: Fire engines speed to a burning house, only to discover devastation and hysterical parents -- their baby is trapped inside. The team makes their way into the house, and find the child. The floor begins to collapse around them, and they see the only way out is through the window. Grace Linden climbs out to catch the baby, but as soon as she does, the floor gives way. The entire crew, save Linden, perishes in the fire.

Fire Commissioner Thompson informs Linden that she is to be the new captain of Station Five. She refuses, saying she does not have what it takes to lead. The commissioner argues that she lived. Susan, a firefighter who had the night off, attempts to comfort Linden, but she is still overwhelmed by guilt. Their talk is interrupted by the arrival of Freddy and Harry Harland, two new firefighters assigned to the station. Their unsympathetic approach to their new assignment throws the captain off, but she still vows to try her best.

The new team's first assignment is a routine fire inspection. They think they may be able to find something out about the source of the fire that killed most of the old company. They find Mrs. Feeble to have little information, until she mentions her grandson, Jimmy, who was a firefighter. It turns out he was one the men lost in the recent fire. Linden is taken aback -- but then they notice the firetruck is currently burning.

Given that their equipment is on fire, the team is forced to use makeshift means to extinguish the blaze, including garden hoses, a bucket brigade, and a child's pool. They put out the tire, but the truck is a mere husk.

Upon returning to the station, Linden attempts again to resign from her position, but the commissioner will not allow it. Meanwhile, in the common area, the rest of the team complains about Linden's poor leadership. Harland in particular voices his concerns, which Linden hears through the thin walls. She looks at the photograph of her fallen team and promises that she will not let them have died in vain.
The team is tested again almost immediately when the alarms go off alerting them to a fire at station number 7 Harland's old station. They dive into action, rushing to the other fire station. This time, all the firefighters of station 7 are saved, as Linden goes into the blaze to help Harland lead them out, but the station perishes. The firebug has claimed yet another building.

That evening, Harland and Linden find themselves in the locker room together. Harland apologizes for undermining her authority, and the two fall victim to a different kind of fire.

The next morning, Linden has a meeting with the fire commissioner, who informs her that the mayor has demanded they discover who is setting the fires or else their funding will be cut. Their discussion is briefly interrupted by the janitor, Pedro, who Linden notices is new. The commissioner brushes it off, and sets the department to work on finding the firebug.

Linden asks Susan, who mentioned finding something important, what leads they have. Susan says that the fires were started with a larger flame, like a blowtorch. She further says that a city hall pay stub was used to ignite the blaze at the most recent fire. Meanwhile, Pedro escapes to the sanctuary of his room, where he dwells on a rejection letter from the city fire department and dreams of setting fire to all those who have wronged him.

Pedro takes action against his enemies, this time by sneaking into fire station 5 and starting a fire in the basement. The firefighters hear the alarms, and realize their own home is burning this time. They quickly get the fire under control, although Pedro escapes. As they start after him, however, the alarm goes off, alerting them to a fire at city hall Pedro has set off a remote device. The team splits, with Harland following Pedro and the rest going to combat the blaze.

Harland quickly catches up to Pedro, and a fight ensues. Harland finally overtakes Pedro, and leads him to jail. Meanwhile, at city hall, the rest of the team works to fight the fire. Freddy has gone in to search for victims, but when he takes too long to re-emerge, Linden follows him in. She finds the fire commissioner, trapped by a wall of fire. In a scene reminiscent of the fire that killed her previous team, the only way out is through the window. As Freddy races a fireball, Linden climbs out the window and successfully catches the other two. Everyone has gotten to safety this time.

Meanwhile, en route to the police station, Pedro quietly throws himself from the car as Harland is driving. He sets off another device, this one igniting his own body, and perishes in his own blaze.

At the fire station, everyone is relieved to be safe. The commissioner promotes everyone for a job well done. A photograph of the new team joins the photograph of the old team.

cast & crew:

Directed by . . . Jason Chin
Captain . . . Roger Payton
Commissioner Thompson . . . Sean Kelley
Freddy . . . Roger Payton
Froggy Joe . . . Adal Rifai
Gertrude . . . Amy Verdon
Gina . . . Colleen Breen
Grace Linden . . . Mel Evans
Harry Harland . . . Rob White
Jimmy . . . Rob White
Mayor . . . Roger Payton
Mayor's Assistant . . . Kristen Studard
Mayor's Assistant's Husband . . . Sean Kelley
Pedro . . . Adal Rifai
Station 7 Firefighter #1 . . . Amy Verdon
Station 7 Firefighter #2 . . . Colleen Breen
Susan . . . Kristen Studard


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