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Cupid Shoots to Kill (08/17/2007)

released: Aug 17, 2007

description: Romantic intimacy turns to murder when seductive assassin Simon Venom garrotes junior senator Barbara Boxer while in the throes of passion in a hotel room. Leaving the scene, Venom reveals he is more than he appears when wings unfold from his back and he flies away.

The Boxer murder is another in a series of murders of junior senators that Detectives Clint Hathaway and Rock Harding are charged with investigating. After stopping by the morgue, a know-it-all mortician confirms that Boxer was killed in the same manner as the other junior senators -- garroted in the midst of sexual relations. Boxer's body, however, offered a new clue in the form of trace fluid containing nanites -- microscopic robots.

Meanwhile, Venom flies to meet Madame, who helps him recharge his nanite supply through passionate lovemaking.

The detectives go to see a robotics expert, Deitrichs, at his futuristic compound. Deitrichs explains that the only company in Cleveland that could afford mass production of nanite technology would be AstroCleveTech.

Elsewhere, at the convention of junior senators in the city, senator Jim Webb is slain by Venom.

After disguising themselves, the detectives infiltrate AstroCleveTech as Venom flies into the building far above them. Passing a security officer, the two head to the top floor and split up to cover more ground.

Hathaway is incapacitated by Venom while Harding is seduced by Madame. After making love, Madame reveals Harding has been infected by nanites as well. Venom discovers them in the aftermath of their tryst, and flies into a rage, attacking Harding.

Hathaway regains consciousness in the hallway, and, shaking off a tangle of robotic snakes, attempts to intercede and break up the fight.

In a hail of bullets, the nanite-bearing individuals suffer would-be fatal shots that immediately heal, while Hathaway sustains a wound in the shoulder.

An unglued Venom lets slip that water is the only way to kill the nanite hosts. A trademark fist bump between Hathaway and Harding squirts Hathaway's blood onto Venom, damaging him. Harding wrestles Madame over the balcony railing and they fall into the fountain below where they make love in a roiling cauldron of robotic dissolution.

Hathaway holds Venom at bay with his blood until managing to dump a water cooler over him.

Harding reappears and acknowledges that he didn't die because he is half human and half robot ... a robot cop.

cast & crew:

Directed by . . . Jason Chin
Deitrichs . . . Jorin Garguilo
Detective Clint Hathaway . . . Rob White
Detective Rock Harding . . . Michael Johnson
Employee . . . Colleen Breen
Jr Senator Barbara Boxer . . . Colleen Breen
Jr Senator Jim Webb . . . Rob White
Madame . . . Kristen Studard
Mortician Jones . . . Jorin Garguilo
Security Card Checker . . . Colleen Breen
Simon Venom . . . Sean Kelley


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  • Much of the music in this show was created by Vangelis, who also scored the science fiction masterpiece, Blade Runner. That film also dealt with human/robot mysteries.

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