Fiction & False Unicorn

Kerpatty logo

July 29th, 2009

Sketch duo Kerpatty asked me to draw a cartoon ice cream cone with a stick of dynamite in it. And that is what I did.

Biscuit Basket and Project 7 posters

July 29th, 2009

A pair of posters I did for my friend Sean Keith. He encouraged my exploitation rock art phase, which was fun for me. Monsters, snakes, and rock & roll are forever neat.

Bain Waves byline logo

July 29th, 2009

My friend Dan (”Clam T”) Bain from back in Raleigh, NC asked me to do a little line drawing portrait of him for the humor column he writes (”Bain Waves”) some time ago.

Gay Baby poster

July 29th, 2009

A show poster from several months ago — folks had been talking about how a young improvisor, Alex Haney, looked like a hypothetical baby made by Timmy Mayse and myself. So, the three of us did a show. It was a lot of fun.

The Avalanches

July 23rd, 2009

Louie just sent this to me, it’s a song called Frontier Psychiatrist. Pretty great. Of course, my favorite part is the ghosts. I just love a good sheet-style ghost in a music video.

French Kicks

April 29th, 2009

I really loved their album Swimming from last year, and just saw them at Schuba’s last week. I’m totally in head-over-heels mode now, having pretty much gone back to buy all of the albums I didn’t have, and commence the absorption process. This is my favorite song from Swimming, for which the video was just released …

French Kicks “Abandon” from THE FEAR on Vimeo.

Frightened Rabbit

January 22nd, 2009

When I heard my first song from these guys, I thought “this is just too spot on to stuff I like”. Which, as it turns out, is true. I love their album, this is the first video from it and it’s not even within my top 3 or 4 favorite songs from the album (that would be Old, Old Fashioned and The Twist and Backwards Walk for those keeping track at home). This is Heads Roll Off …

M. Ward’s Chinese Translation

January 15th, 2009

I was just reminded of this video talking to my dad about M. Ward. It’s pretty great, all around.

Jolie Holland’s Mexico City

December 1st, 2008

I really think she’s a great songwriter — Crush in the Ghetto and Mexican Blue from the last album are among my favorite songs all-time. I like this one a lot too — and was really struck in the video by how much, to me, she looks like Julia Louis-Dreyfus (I think it must be the hair, I’d never thought that before).

The Hold Steady

November 20th, 2008

I really wasn’t into these guys when I got their album Boys and Girls in America when it came out and everyone was going crazy over it. But, since my friend George started to get me into Springsteen, when I went back to it recently, I started loving it.

Here’s a live version from Letterman of the opening song Stuck Between Stations, and I was thrilled to see the front man looks like a mix of Woody Allen, Randy Newman, and Michael Moore. And the pianist is a dead ringer for the front man from the Fabulous Thunderbirds (and also George and I’s friend Michael Boumenot).

Here’s the video for the second song on the album, Chips Ahoy!