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Fiction & False Unicorn

Secret CIF Preview poster

I recently got the book on this guy’s rock poster art, and I found it really energizing. I wanted to do a “big concert” type poster for an improv show.

AND, my team Revolver just got into the Chicago Improv Festival and will be playing the preview night for Chicago teams as well … so I did this non-sanctioned poster.

I don’t know if CIF would be too crazy about the poster since it’s pretty over-the-top, but I think other improvisors may like it, and maybe I should try to get it put up at a couple record stores …

I’ve always liked the excess in those old Rat Fink-type car posters, and exploitation movie posters, and so it got me onto wanting to try a couple. I don’t think I’m doing rip-off work here, I just hope I’m working in the genre. I found it freeing to be so bright in colors, and to feel free to be sordid with imagery. And to explore typography. Altogether, really fun and I think I’m going to play in the genre for a while …

You can download the 8.5″x11″ printable PDF for this here.

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