Our Opening

by jorin

It may be organic. Or we may stand shoulder-to-shoulder in a line, listing things.

  1. jorin Says:

    When I was setting the journal up, I thought about giving the team some private time with it, so we could work out the kinks, and generally get ourselves in shape before we had it face the internet world.

    But then I thought, it’d probably be a lot more fun to have it be a less manicured opening to the little experiment here … and more of a fun metaphor.

    Here we come, stumbling and lurching out of the night, probably making some serious gaffes here and there, and generally figuring things out as we go along. And, maybe we’ll stumble on some moments of real beauty?

    Because, sure if this guy actually managed to do what he was trying to do, it would have been rad. But the fact it doesn’t go the way he planned makes it a lot more amusing and intriguing to me.

    At least, that’s my thought … guys?

  2. rob Says:

    I am a fan of leaving this as general as possible and just seeing where it goes (hopefully in the direction of more clips of people falling). 

    Speaking of, I need to learn how to do that thing where you write a word, but is a different color and is underlined and is actually a link to something else.  That way I can do something like: "Man that restaurant was bad, well…maybe not this bad."  Then the this would lead to something hilarious.  One day.

    I don’t really like quoting movies too much, but I’m sure this was a saying prior to Batman Begins (not a link) anyway,  "we have to fall so that we can learn to get up" or something like that.

    Let’s fall.

  3. jorin Says:

    OK, sure, why not do a little INFOtainment. Rob, and everybody else, here’s how you create links.

    I incorporated a sweet tool called FCKEditor into the comment area here.

    It lets you do all kinds of cool stuff like formatting and links and pictures and all kinds of crazy stuff. If you see a little toolbar in the top of your entry window, it works for you. You can hover your mouse over each little icon and it should give you a little popup description of what the icon will do for you.

    Anyhoo, here’s how you use it to link something in –

    STEP 1:
    Drag your cursor over the stretch of text you want to make a link to highlight it and make it a selection.

    STEP 2:
    Click the little icon in the FCK toolbar that looks like a globe with a chain over it.

    STEP 3:
    The link window pops open. Enter the online location you want to link to — you can copy and past this from the location info in another browser even. Then click the OK button.

    STEP 4:
    There’s really no step 4. You’re text will be highlighted in blue and underlined, and once you publish the comment, the link will be active and your readers can visit it. Shazam!

    If you don’t see the toolbar, your browser doesn’t support the FCKeditor — looks like you’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way with the mark-up language known as HTML.

    You do that like this:

    If you have some text like, for example, “LINK!” that you want to make a link to say, for example, “http://www.firesigntheatre.com/”, you enclose the address in a tag, put your text in there, then close the tag, like this:

    <a href=”http://www.firesigntheatre.com/“>LINK!</a>

    Which, once it gets published, will look like this:


    Hopefully nobody will have to do it that way — but it’s pretty easy once you’ve done it a couple times.


  4. jorin Says:

    Also, I wanted to see if I could add an image and have it work, because I had a little trouble on the demo up there.

    So I went to google images and typed “Raw Force” on a whim.

    And I got this. So, I think we should all be thrilled.

    Especially because it’s “NEW”.

    Oh, and, apparently big thanks to Horror-Wood, the Monthly Horror and Monster Movie Webzine. Rad of them to have an image like that. Why not go check out what else they have in store?

  5. carr Says:

    My weekend…by Mike Carr, Revolver member

    I went home to Boston to surprise my parents for their birthday. And it worked! They had no idea I was in town. They walked in the door and there I was, sitting on the couch. On the deck, my ENTIRE extended family waited with breathless anticipation for my folks to step out and when they did…SURPRISE!! Everyone had a good time…until…my uncle Tom brought a bottle of tequila and made my dad do a shot. 10 shots and 45 minutes later, he was in rare form and spent the night sleeping in the bathroom. We had a great time being drunk. The Carr’s like to drink. A lot.

    I hope you enjoyed this brief story. Good night

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