by jorin

Photos from Jorin’s Treo 600.

  1. jorin Says:

    The previous collection of photos …

    Superman is not a cuddler

    I love the concept of a Superman pillow built specifically for cuddling — especially since his expression is one of someone grimly and begrudgingly working off his court-mandated community service hours — and that’s how his face stays while you snuggle the hell out of him

    * * * * *

    adult ice cream shoppe

    everything tastes better when topped with 49 cent wet nut

    put your dirty sample spoon in that smurf

    * * * * *

    for his sake, I hope the nickname doesn’t stick

    “Thanks for the nickname and mustache, dad. Let’s hope I still have both by the time I hit high school. Jerk.”

    * * * * *


    I missed my first Revolver show for this utterly radical show. George enjoyed it most when the roly-poly kid with mutton chops kept trying to restart the pit that erupted right in front of us, but wound up mostly staggering around in a 15 foot diameter clear section of floor by himself.

    * * * * *

    the creepiest, cuddliest dumpster escape

    I took the first picture because it looked like Pooh was trying to crawl out of a dumpster near my place after being discarded. I passed by a couple hours later and Pooh was gone — and Tigger, who’d been under him when I took a closer look earlier, looked like he was taking his shot at escape.

    Very, very creepy.

    * * * * *

    custom meats

    “Hello? Grocery Bag? May I order a steak with a spoiler and flame decals on the side? And, how much per pound is that?”

    * * * * *


    well, not with that attitude

    * * * * *

    pee on america

    I wish this were easier to make out, because I believe I took this picture because the design of the urinal made it look like it was begging for you to pee on the head of a bald eagle — and I believe the text was quite patriotic as well

    * * * * *

    hot eggs

    at a diner in Madison — a plastic toast figure with quite a rack, even it is made of eggs

    * * * * *


    it really doesn’t get any more clearly labeled than that

    * * * * *

    McAuliffe eats pee

    the wall of Pick-Me-Up does seem like it’d be the best authority on the subject — so I believe it

  2. jorin Says:

    Kid in a Cart

    Just to be clear — that is a child apparently unconscious on the bottom part of a grocery cart. At the self-checkout.

  3. jorin Says:

    Martial Arts — Peace!

    I suppose some martial arts are for defensive purposes and all, but I thought this was a pretty awesome sign for a dojo or whatever.

    "We teach you how to fight! Peace, dude!"

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