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Tongue Twister: Adults Only

by jorin

So, there’s this bar on Clark St called Merkle’s, it’s an Iowa bar. So, our attention was drawn to it this weekend owing to the football game and it being festooned with Iowa banners and other spirit-raising flair. I admitted that I never felt inclined to go in that bar (although maybe I should feel very inclined) because Merkle’s sounded like “merkin” to me.

Well, I guess that was the new thing that a few other people learned for the week, but a merkin is a “pubic wig”. Rob was good enough to find this site. Educational!

And here’s a new tongue twister for you all:

Merkin-making Marvin makes mighty marvelous merkins!

  1. rob Says:

    My mind isn’t blown often, but I really had no idea that this hairpiece existed.  They have been around since 1450 when they were used  “as a device to cover syphilitic pustules and gonorrheal warts in the genital area.”  Lack of medicine be damned, it seems our ancestors were fans of sweeping the mess under the carpet. 



  2. carr Says:

  3. carr Says:

    The Merkin is a friend to us all…especially those who have pubic lice and genital warts.

    Vanessa, I’m looking in YOUR direction!

  4. farrell Says:

    the merkins on that website look like they’re made of fiberglass.
    that would be a poor choice of materials.

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