Adal Rifai is a graduate of the iO, Second City and Annoyance. Along with the pure joy of performing with Pudding-Thank-You you can see Adal at iO with Hunter Family Crest, Radical Concept, Swim Buddies and as a sit in with Revolver and Whirled News Tonight. You can also catch Adal at Second City with Twisty and House Co., at the Playground with Mort and around town with Insult To Injury. Without the support of Tabitha and his sister Sadieh, Adal is nothing.
Jorin Garguilo began improvising in 1991 in Raleigh, North Carolina with ComedyWorx (formerly ComedySportz-Raleigh). Jorin moved to Chicago in 2004 to pursue a wider improvisational education and completed classes at the iO Theater. At iO, Jorin performs with house Harold team Revolver, improvised puppet show FELT, the Lindbergh Babies 2.0, and Swim Buddies. Jorin coaches improv teams at both iO (Mrs. Dad) and Chemically Imbalanced Comedy (Counter-Productive Lover), and may be seen performing around the city at an assortment of venues. Jorin is a founding member of Pudding-Thank-You and adores the opportunity to touch his friends in public.
Louie Saunders has been improvising in Chicago since 2004. Besides rough-housing with the lovable scamps of Pudding-Thank-You, Louie also improvises with Wing Night at the Playground Theater, Airbourne and Felt at i.O Theater, and coaches the independent team Attila. When he is not involved in improv related activities, he is alone in his room writing screenplays, novels, short plays and hopes to be published ASAP.
Ryan Patrick Dolan is completing his B.A. in playwriting at Columbia College in Chicago. He currently is workshopping his first full-length play, "The Peace of Westphalia," and a one-act, "Bag Man." Ryan is currently serving as the assistant to director Tina Landau in "The Brother/Sister Plays" at Steppenwolf Theater, and is the dramaturg for critically acclaimed production of "The Pillowman" directed by Kimberly Senior at RedTwist Theatre. He graduated from the acting conservatory, The School at Steppenwolf in 2008. Ryan has performed with Strawdog, Wildclaw, and Brown Couch Theatres, and understudied "End Days" at Next Theatre. Ryan is also a veteran of the Chicago improv scene. He was the assistant to the director for "Show Title Deemed Indecent by FCC" at the Second City e.t.c. He's performed and trained at iO and Annoyance Theaters, co-wrote and performed in four Mainstage revues at Improv Asylum in Boston, and improvised at various festivals across the U.S. and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. Ryan will be seen in Strawdog's production of "Uncle Vanya" as everyone's favorite servant, Yefim, this spring.

Pudding-Thank-You has been improvising together since 2007. It consists of four performers with completely different styles, but who have the same penchant for physical, smart, yet silly comedy. They have been performing at the American Theatre Company on Friday nights since July 2008. Before that they had a run of shows at iO Chicago. When not playing at ATC, they regularly improvise at one of their favorite venues in the city, CIC (Chemically Imbalanced Comedy).

The name Pudding-Thank-You was conceived one night before a barprov set. It's a tongue-in-cheek comment on how often the word "pudding" is given for a suggestion at improv shows. The group's name is hopefully a way to keep from getting the suggestion "pudding" (although, it's not 100% effective).

Appearing at American Theater Company

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. [photo] at ATC on the set of the It's A Wonderful Life Radio Play by Tab Parker
. [photo] at ATC on the set of the It's A Wonderful Life Radio Play #2 by Tab Parker
. Adal & Jorin discuss improv on Jason Chin's podcast