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Drawings, posters, & various visual bits + pieces.

Although I take a shot at all kinds of 'art' stuff, this is the thing at which I think I might actually be kind of decent. Here are teams with which I perform, places at which I perform, and teams I coach.
My music, mostly recorded as The Buoyfish.
Little videos and animations.
Anything else that just doesn't fit anyplace else!
Sites I've designed and/or built (largely "and").

Thanks for taking the time to take a look around the library. If you're interested in how I'm doing, check out my journal. If you've got any questions or want to see a larger version of something, just send me an e-mail.
Revolver LA '07 poster (PDF) more
Very Real Cops June '07 show poster
iO South Improv Invitational postert-shirt
Get Outta My Dreams and Onto My Unicorn! poster
John & Tracey
[ 2007 Tracey's 2-year anniversary gift for John ]

Uncle Dick He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother poster
Finnegan James Cunningham birth announcement
The Geekouts logo
Our Feature Presentation poster: Composite
Our Feature Presentation poster: Action
Our Feature Presentation poster: Fantasy
Our Feature Presentation poster: Horror
Our Feature Presentation poster: Mystery
Our Feature Presentation poster: Romantic Comedy
Our Feature Presentation poster: Western
costume design for Jacob's Dungeons + Dragons monkey totem warrior ape minions
The Great Glucoaster
[ 2006 annual Brian Rodriguez-led diabetes walk t-shirt ]

Spirit Animals: Jacob
Spirit Animals: Mom
Spirit Animals: Dad
Spirit Animals: Lynne
[ 2006 Christmas gift mug art ]

Brian Wonder and Fever Girl
[ a 2006 Christmas gift from Amy to Brian ]

Chip's 30th Birthday Card
The Riot shattered glass logo
Vidiocy poster
iO Halloween Show poster more
4 Chambers poster more
Adam and Leena more
Home Orbit by Skin and Electricity album cover more
Revolver LA poster (PDF) more
Soldier in the Cola War (4 color) (1 color) more
Video Dating more
Mother's Day 2006
Steve's Birthday Card more
Kristen + Devon
Happy Color Kid
Cartoon Kristen
Revolver Iron-on
Revolver Cast #1
Honest Engine
Jorin ♥s Kristen
The (Moustache) Touch
CSC Cast
Malaysian Vader more
Matt - Always a Party
Fruit Party
In the Mouth of Michael
Kill Jabba poster more
The Red Tornado character sketch more
The Handsome Devils more
Eric + Julie in LA more
Jacob + Rachel at the Beach
Old Nick character more
Palindrome triptych
From a Song no.2
Head no. 1
Oscar (PDF) more
Screw the Vikings
From a Song no.1
Julie & Friends
Julie & Emily
Jorin + Sarah no. 1
Self Portrait no. 1

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